Last Updated: March 31, 2020, 7:49 pm

COLUMN: Cammie’s Column: Learn to love yourself


  In today’s society, the thought of feeling useless or unwanted is more common than not; after all, self-loathing is the new black. 

  Learning to love yourself despite your flaws is easier said than done. In a generation where your importance is based on how attractive you are in the public’s eye, having a sense of self-worth is practically impossible to achieve. 

  Suffering from poor mental health has become all too common amongst ourselves and our fellow peers. It’s as if feeling terrible about yourself is a rite of passage in order to simply exist in this time. 

  According to, 50% of college students said their mental health was below average or rather low and 40% of these students didn’t seek any help in regard to the matter. 

  It is hard enough that all of us are going to college, paying bills and trying to maintain all of life’s obstacles being thrown our way; so when we have a society telling us we fall short of the constantly changing “rules” it wants us to abide by, life itself can grow extremely tiresome. 

  With all the negativity that surrounds our lives, it can feel like you are drowning and being saved is slipping further and further away with each passing day, but I am here to tell you there is light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to keep walking long enough to find it.

“I hope that each and every one of you finds the strength in yourself to continue striving for mental growth because every minute you dedicate to it is a minute well spent.”

Cammie Johnson, DSN Staff

  Cliche? I know; however, as stereotypical as this phrase might be, it is still just as true as every other corny self-help quote, we have all come across. After all, they are cliche for a reason. 

  Trying to find yourself and gain the confidence you so rightfully deserve is like trying to find a needle in a haystack: difficult, but not impossible.

  I, too, have been on this strenuous and time-consuming journey like so many of you, but I can say with great confidence that I have gained a level of self-worth that I thought I would never see just a few short years ago. 

  While I have come a long way from where I used to be mentally, I still have a long journey ahead to truly find who I am and learn to completely love myself despite my flaws, but this is an adventure I am ready to commit to. 

   I hope that each and every one of you finds the strength in yourself to continue striving for mental growth because every minute you dedicate to it is a minute well spent. 

  Truly dedicating your time to finding yourself in the midst of all the chaos society brings is a sure way to set yourself apart.    

   Each and every person is unique in their own way and that is something we should celebrate, not dismiss.

  With this being said, dare to step away from society’s mold and try something new; step out of your comfort zone and set free the real you because at the end of the day, a cookie-cutter version is simply not enough.

  If you or someone you know is struggling in everyday life, contact the Booth Wellness Center and set up an appointment to speak with a professional. You can schedule an appointment by calling 435-652-7755 or visiting in-person at 1037 E. 100 S.

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