Last Updated: August 15, 2018, 1:36 pm

Work Study gives students hand up


Dixie State University offers job opportunities for students on campus and through the Work Study Program.

Student Employment Specialist Cheryl Brandt said there are usually 10 to 15 total jobs on campus from custodial work to dining services. Recently, Career Services has started using Handshake, a website that connects all DSU students with employers, including on-campus employers, in their hiring process.

“We’re trying to educate the employers on campus to go through Handshake for their needs,” Brandt said.

Brandt said she usually posts availabilities on campus for grounds work, custodial work, mail services, dining services and IT, which are the main employers who offer student positions.

McKenzie Nelson, a junior psychology major from Seattle, said she wanted an on-campus job because of the convenience. She began as a technical writing intern for Career Services and is now assistant internship coordinator. Nelson is also an intern and DSU chapter president for Oncotelligent, a non-profit organization that focuses on cancer research. Nelson created the first chapter of Oncotelligent, and her template is being used as a tool for new chapters to develop internationally.

“I definitely owe this to me working in the Career Center,” Nelson said. “I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t be looking for on-campus opportunities.”

Nelson said DSU and its resources have helped her become a critical part in helping Oncotelligent grow and find support on university campuses, and she recommends seeking on-campus positions to every student.

Brandt said although there are a variety of on-campus jobs available, most of the opportunities on campus are through a federally-funded program called Work Study. Work Study positions are offered to students who receive financial aid, are in good academic standing, taking at least nine degree-seeking credits, are passing 67 percent of all attempted credits and demonstrate need.

Lindsey Watson, financial aid Work Study coordinator, said this year there are 186 individual Work Study positions.

“It is very convenient for [students] to work on campus,” Watson said. “Our departments are required to work around [students’] school schedule; they cannot schedule them during class time.”

Work Study positions are available by department, and the type of positions and number of positions fluctuate based on the budget for the year.

Work Study offers a variety of jobs, which may include teacher’s assistant positions, Testing Center jobs, or positions in the DSU library along with more opportunities.

“We have an America Reads position where students will actually go to elementary schools to tutor in reading and math,” Watson said. “We also have our educational department where we have students help with the preschool.”

Watson said Work Study offers students a college-friendly job with potential to build on social, professional and communication skills.

Positions can be found on DSU’s financial aid site, and availabilities for the next year will open up July 1.

DSU also offers students the option to participate in Cooperative Work Experience, which is a program that offers college credit for working. The number of credit hours a student can earn will be based upon the number of hours they work and requires a weekly meeting with a Work Coop adviser. More information can be found at Career Services on the fifth floor of the Jeffrey R. Holland Centennial Commons Building.

Students may apply directly on Handshake for their convenience. They can also reach out to DSU’s departmental career coaches for more assistance on career research, resume review, and interview preparation. Appointments with career coaches can be made at Handshake.