Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:57 pm

Overcoming shyness worth the challenge


Being shy has been one of the biggest trials I have had to face throughout my life; it’s a demon that has shaped and defined who I am today.

I believe that being shy is a choice people make. The more people commit to being shy, the more they embrace the lifestyle. Yet, overcoming shyness is possible and anyone can do it. There just has to be belief and commitment to the idea.

Ever since I was little, I wished and prayed to not be shy. I always envied the popular kids who were constantly surrounded by friends. I wanted to be outgoing. I wanted to be the life of the party. These wants and many others fell by the wayside as my shyness ran, controlled and dictated my life. A life that many shy people can relate to in some shape or form.

Being shy not only affected my social life, but other facets too. My self-confidence and self-belief have been affected. I worried about how others perceived me and the judgments they would place upon me. Being shy has placed barriers in my path toward achieving my dreams. Life has proven to be more difficult because of the limitations I placed on myself.  

Limitations halt progression and feed one’s shyness. They can create an obstacle course that seems impossible to finish due to being shy.  

I am not seeking sympathy as I open my heart to people I’ve never met. I simply want people to know that being shy is a legitimate issue others deal with. It is something that can take a hold of an individual’s life if nothing is done about it. Yet, through making certain choices and hard work, being shy can be a thing of one’s past. 

If someone like me can choose to overcome shyness, than anyone else can too. Life really is much better on this side of the fence. 

The amazing thing I have discovered in the last couple years was that my shyness was a choice and that choice could be undone by choosing to be the exact opposite. Though it would be difficult,  and the process of opening up would be time consuming, it was possible to change. This was the road I decided to embark on when I finally realized my shyness was controlling my everyday life. 

I knew I needed to make changes that were going to require me to do things outside my comfort level. Yet, I was willing to put it all on the line when I decided I no longer wanted to be shy.

To begin this process, I made a commitment to myself that no matter how tough things got, I would not give up on my goal of overcoming my shyness. I forced myself to enter situations that would require me to talk to complete strangers. For those who are shy, there is no better way to overcome shyness than having to communicate with someone they just met.

Another suggestion from along this journey would be to take classes that would require one to participate in the learning process. Heck, I went as far as choosing to be a communication major as a way to help me deal with being shy. 

Lastly, I did it for my wife. She wanted a husband who was outgoing and willing to talk to anyone in any situation. Being motivated to not be shy for someone you love can make all the difference along this difficult journey. It worked for me; she said yes.

As I made the conscious decision to leave behind my old life and seek to start anew, my perspective of the world around me has changed. Are there days or moments that are harder than others? Yes. Am I progressing to the point where my barriers will be knocked down for good? Absolutely.

At this point in my life, I have never been so happy and confident.