Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:56 pm

n00b News: Moto 360 brings clean design, functionality to multitaskers


When I first heard about smartwatches, I thought they were stupid.

Why wear some bulky, ugly device on your wrist where it is sure to get broken? I had a hard enough time getting into the habit of wearing even the skimpiest of my traditional watches. Why bother getting an even more expensive one?

But then, my job happened.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the work I do, but it soon became essential I get email and notifications as soon as possible during every hour of the day. I hated having to hold my phone at all times. I am well-known for letting my iPhone 5S go caseless and dropping it.

After one especially bad week of dropping my poor iPhone several times that resulted in a horrifically shattered screen, I thought a hands-free option wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

I got my iPhone repaired and did some research on which smartwatch would suit me best. It came down to three final contenders: The Apple watch, Moto 360 or Samsung Gear 2.

For iPhones, the “recommended” wearable is obviously the Apple watch. As much as I love the familiar comfort of Apple’s operating system, I couldn’t justify spending at least $400 on a watch with a square face. It just looked unnatural. I also wanted a wearable that wasn’t limited to either Android or Apple.

After some research, the Moto 360 came out on top. It’s been about two weeks since my purchase, and I have no regrets. As it turns out, I am a watch person; I just need my watch to do more than tell the time.

The Android Wear app, which was made for the 360 and other Android smartwatches, works seamlessly with my iPhone. If I ever decide to switch to an Android device, it won’t be an issue. There are a wide variety of watch faces to choose from, and the Moto 360 can take everyday wear like a champ. The display is bright and beautiful. The metal frame is durable, and the leather band is super comfy. The Moto 360 can also be submerged in water with no damage.

There have been several times throughout the weeks that I’ve banged my wrist against a door or chair, and the 360 has come out unscathed. Although it is true the smartwatch is 100 percent waterproof, I don’t have the guts or desire to test it out.

I received several comments from colleagues surprised that it was a smartwatch. With the circular face, it really looks and feels like a traditional watch — until the screen lights up.

An unexpected obsession with my new wearable is the pedometer. I’ve never owned a pedometer, and seeing the amount of steps I’ve taken throughout the week is an exciting prospect. The Moto 360 uses OK Google, which I’ll have to admit, understands me better than Siri.

The only complaint I’ve had so far is that the watch has occasionally disconnected from my iPhone, but that is easily remedied touching a few buttons on the Android Wear app.

My favorite part of owning a smartwatch is I can go about my full life without a phone screen constantly in my face. Notification settings are customizable, so with one buzz on your wrist you can stay up-to-date. I can carry things with two hands without worrying about dropping my phone. I can talk with my friends but still know if something important is happening at work with a discreet glance. I am able to stay connected with work-related business, while connecting with the people around me.

I understand each smartwatch out there was built to serve different lifestyles, but the Moto 360 seems like the perfect fit for me.

What wearable are you lusting after? Let me know in the comments.