Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:55 pm

Snapchat habits lack creativity, animated selfies aren’t helping


All my friends are puking rainbows.

Because of Snapchat’s recent updates, Sept. 15, 2015, will go down in history as the most annoying day for receiving Snapchat messages of my entire life.

The update included new animated filters that read selfies and simulate things like giant fake tears, cartoon heart eyes, scary monster faces, and yes, sparkly rainbow vomit. My phone was bombarded with all of the above within the a few hours after the update.

I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but your filtered selfie looks just like everyone else’s. If I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen how it’s going to look every single time. 

Your selfie isn’t special.

After you’ve accepted the reality of how uninteresting the animated filters are, maybe you can focus on the other new features from the update—like the trophy case.

The trophy case can be found by tapping the little Snapchat ghost when the camera is open and then tapping the trophy icon at the top of the screen. This is where you’ll find the trophies you earn for achieving certain accomplishments. Sending a video snap, a snap with five pen colors, and a snap with a filter are all ways to earn a trophy. Earning a trophy will make emojis appear in your trophy case.

Snapchat hasn’t released a list of the possible trophies available or how to earn them, so you’ll have switch up your snapping habits and try some new things to see what works. It’s a way to encourage users to experiment with the possibilities of the app and try new things. 

Now the girl you know who only replies with duck-face selfies might turn off the front camera for once. The guy who only sends pictures of his kitchen counter full of Bud Light might spell out “turnt” with colors instead of just typing it. The person with two-minute snap stories of their food and “before work” selfies might finally get the hint and stop snapping forever.

We all have to start somewhere.

What I would like for you to take away from this is that you all are pretty uncreative; your social media habits are getting old and something has to change. The folks at Snapchat are doing their part by rewarding experimentation in how you use their app. Now it’s your turn. It’s your civic responsibility to be more interesting Snapchatters. It’s our only hope for brighter future. 

So give up on the rainbow puking.