Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:54 pm

Our View: Presidential Outreach


The fact that President Biff Williams is male, white and LDS doesn’t matter; his demographics do not define whom he will reach out to or who is able to approach him.

It is the responsibility of each of us as individuals to approach Williams with our concerns and wishes in regards to the future of Dixie State University.

Since becoming the president of DSU, Williams has been on what he calls a listening tour. The listening tour will put Williams in front of many different groups all throughout the year, giving him an opportunity to hear what everyone has to say.

As of now, he has met with many of the departments on campus, including the education, communication, English and business departments. He has also spent time meeting with the community. He has spoken at Chamber of Commerce meetings, city council meetings, personally with the mayor, etc.

In addition to his listening tour, Williams encourages anyone who wants to talk with him to do exactly that.

Communication is vital in order for DSU to successfully progress and continue in gaining its university reputation. Williams wants this to be our university, not just his, which is why communicating with him is not only encouraged, but also appreciated by him.

Williams’ mantra has always been ‘We are Dixie’.

“’We’ does not mean only those that were born and raised here and are St. George natives,” Williams said. “’W’e means every single individual regardless of race, if you are from Utah or your religious background.”

Williams does not want to create “his vision”, but rather he wants to create “our vision”.

Williams said, “If we can create a vision together, DSU will be better off and far more prestigious.”

It is important that as we create our vision and express our needs, wishes and concerns that we are intelligent about whom we communicate with. Someone other than the president can resolve some concerns. Before taking up Williams’ time, consider your concern: Could a different faculty or staff member handle it? If so, approach them first.

We agree that fully embracing our university status is crucial and can only be done through the involvement of the whole campus and community. So far, Williams has been approachable and has reached out to a diverse group of individuals. In order for the university to continue to progress effectively, Williams must continue to listen and engage with numerous individuals.

Williams can’t be the only one reaching out, though: If you have something to say then you must say it. Nothing can be done to solve a concern or fulfill a request if neither is shared. Help Williams to transform this into our school by speaking-up.