Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:53 pm

Encourage self-improvement, not just weight loss


I believe the media has a huge impact on body image and the way society views “beauty.” 

People of all ages have self-esteem issues due to seeing models who are extremely thin and shapeless. Photoshopped images make them look like they have no imperfections.

For example, little girls are exposed to body image at a young age with Barbie dolls. All the Barbie dolls have a small body, tiny lips, long hair and look just perfect. Little girls may feel like that’s how they want to look.

Has anyone ever thought about possibly making a doll that is bigger and has curves, maybe even short hair? Or what about having a bald head for the little kids who have cancer and lost all their hair?

I feel like some people spend more time than others, but taking care of our bodies and our appearance is normal. A lot of people feel differently and have dissatisfactions about their body image.

A natural instinct is worrying about how we look occasionally and sometimes frequently. Sometimes it can be obsessing over the way we look, and sometimes it can interfere with relationships and school.

With that being said, those insecurities can lead up to fears and could prevent people from doing what they would like to do.

When we see models on television, magazines and fashion, we look at them then look at ourselves. Looking at them gives us a powerful thought that we’re suppose to look like them.

For example, cellulite, stretch marks and other flaws are put down in magazines because they are normal and most people have them. But society has people viewing them as bad flaws because that’s what the media portrays.

Even family and friends influence our opinions about our body image by teasing or even by complimenting weight changes, of course, referring to models.

Not to add, there are a ton of commercials advertising weight loss, inferring we need to lose weight. Because it seems like they’re saying be small, those commercials can be sending the wrong message. It would be better if they encouraged us to lose weight and improve health.

However, others are naturally thin and can’t gain weight and still look nice. But people should try not to make offensive comments to the people who cannot gain weight.

I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way and should feel comfortable in their own skin. Just be healthy and confident.