Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:52 pm

Our View: Praise for Spring Concert


We hear authority figures tell us to both exhibit ingenuity and show great resolve, but seeing our student leaders embody these qualities should inspire all Dixie State University students to try a bit harder. 

Facing numerous hurdles when booking the spring concert, the DSU Student Association refused to waver in its efforts to provide students with an original, impressive event to look forward to. From weighing numerous options to ultimately booking an up-and-coming act for the event, American Authors, student government representatives have demanded more from themselves and met those lofty expectations.

Whether you approved of last year’s concert, where Macklemore & Ryan Lewis captivated some while offending others, isn’t the point. The show may or may not have benefited DSU in the long run, but either way, student government faced a daunting task in planning a follow-up for the annual concert. 

However, Student Body President Carlos Morgan and crew never gave up in their attempts to give students something to both remember and feel they’ve played a part in. By sending surveys to garner student feedback and approaching the concert from entertainment and financial standpoints, the DSUSA has made great strides in the long, difficult process to entertain as many contrasting demographics of students as possible. 

In fact, considering the hurdles, student government’s ability to put together something at all seems impressive — let alone an event that features one of 2014’s potential breakout bands and a dance that meshes paint, BMX riders and acrobats.

In addition, for those who are not huge on dances, 90 percent of the events calendar appeared to include them. But the spring concert, along with numerous service-oriented programs from last semester, have provided students with more options.  

Seeing student government’s strides to plan something for everyone, though, should encourage students to support the DSUSA and show school spirit by attending the concert. Being a part of an organization like student government, leaders like Morgan have probably come to expect just about anything other than praise, but the DSUSA should be commended for its determination while preparing for the annual spring concert.