Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:52 pm

Pinterest Project: Mount canvas photo for little cost


Sometimes I get tired of my photos just sitting on my hard drive taking up space.

This canvas mounting project I found on Pinterest is a great solution to that problem.

This pin links to the project’s guidelines can be found at Following the tutorial from the blog, the project went just as smoothly as the guidelines said it would. The only thing I found difficult was keeping debris from settling on it while it dried. 

As well as being as easy as the guidelines implied, it was pretty close in cost to what the author of the blog, Crystal Allen, mentioned. She said she makes each one for less than $5; I did it for just more than $6 each. The print cost about $2 from Wal-Mart, and the canvas sold for $4. The Mod Podge, paint and brushes together cost about $11, but if you’re doing multiple projects, those can be reused several times.

The materials needed for this project: A printed photo (on photo paper), a canvas the same size as the photo, acrylic paint (use a color that will suit your image well; I used black as it tends to work for most photos as a nice, neutral color), and Mod Podge (about 2 ounces worked for me).

This was a quick, easy project and definitely something I’d consider doing again the next time I want a photo mounted.


1) Ensure the photo and canvas line up together. Trim the photo if you need to.


2) Paint a border around the edges of the canvas using the acrylic paint and a foam brush. You can paint the front of the canvas too, in case the front will show behind the photo.


3) Wait about five minutes for the acrylic paint to dry.


4) Coat the front of the canvas with a thick, even coating of Mod Podge, using a second foam brush. You can coat the edges as well for texture, but you don’t have to.


5) Line the photo up to the canvas and press it onto the coating of Mod Podge. Make sure there are no air bubbles and the photo is firmly attached to the canvas.


6) Allow the Mod Podge to dry for a few minutes; then apply a thin, even coat over the photograph. Make sure your brush strokes are long and even across the photograph. Don’t leave any big smears, especially over focal areas of the photo, such as faces.


7) Allow to dry fully (15-20 minutes), then enjoy.