Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:51 pm

Dixie Outdoors: Bearclaw Poppy’s intricate bike trails exciting for all skill levels


Students at Dixie State University are lucky to have so many places to go mountain biking, especially considering the many trails near the Bearclaw Poppy trail.

Right at the start of the undemanding Bearclaw Poppy bike trail, bikers will find a few drops and climbs.

The trail is 11 to 11.5 miles round trip, depending on the way the bikers return to their vehicle. It can be taken as a down-and-back route or a loop with the use of some city streets.

“I go to school at Dixie, but (biking) was definitely a big factor (for coming to St. George),” said Josh Levine, a senior communication major from Lyman, Wyo. “I get to go mountain biking all winter, so that’s pretty great.”

The trail connects Green Valley to Bloomington and is a beautiful sight to see. After parking and a little inclining ride to the trail head, bikers come upon a gate and a post that reads “Bearclaw Poppy Trail.” From this point, the biker meets a beautiful view of hills and mountains.

“(My favorite part) is (the) first part,” Levine said. “I think that they are called the acid drops.”

The acid drops are a winding, downhill portion of the trail with a couple of drops and jumps if bikers choose to ride them out. After arriving at the bottom, bikers are then forced to choose a way to go back up a small hill to continue on the trail.

While Bearclaw Poppy Trail may sound difficult, Springville native Jacob Hamblin said it’s actually very easy.

“It’s fast and anybody can do it, like hard-core people or six-month pregnant women,” Hamblin said. “Last year I was here, (and) I saw a lady—I don’t know how pregnant she was—but she was to the point that she was bulging out. So it’s kind of a trail for anybody, which is why it’s fun.”

There are many different trails a biker of any skill level can enjoy in the area.

“This is my favorite right now,” Hamblin said. “It’s also fun, though, because it’s not just the Bearclaw Poppy Trail, but you have a whole system all within here as well, like Sidewinder, Suicidal Tendencies and the Zen trails. You have probably about 20 different trails in a 10-mile radius.”

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To get to the trail take the Dixie Drive freeway exit and head west toward Sunbrook Golf Course. Turn left onto Canyon View Drive and follow the road until you hit a dirt road. Park there or continue on the dirt path until you find the parking area.