Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:51 pm

Diversity Week engages DSU campus


Awareness on campus and in the community is the main goal of this semester’s Diversity Week.

Diversity Week is  organized by the Multicultural Diversity Center with help from International Student Services.

This year’s theme is “Diversity is all of us.” The theme was picked because students are diverse in their own way whether they realize it or not.

“Diversity just isn’t based on your skin color but can be based on your sexual orientation, religion or really anything you can think of,” MCDC adviser Allison McMullin said.

MCDC charters certain groups and clubs on campus such as The Gay-Straight Alliance, Black Student Association and many others.

Another goal MCDC and International Student Services want to reach is showing that Dixie State University and the St. George community respect and embrace diversity.

“St. George is not a very diverse place to begin with,” International Coordinator Everton Araujo said. “This week will hopefully open the eyes to a different way of thinking.”

Araujo also said this week is the perfect time to rectify the controversy based on Dixie’s name change that took place earlier this year.

Some students and community members felt the name “Dixie” brought negative light to the school and showed support to the confederate side of the Civil War. 

“This is a time that Dixie State can prove that we care about diversity and education in society,” Araujo said.

Diversity Week started Monday with a kickoff at the Gardner Center at noon, and Tuesday the Meditation Labyrinth and Open Mic Night followed.

The diversity forum and the special needs chili cook-off will take place today, which is followed by an origami workshop on Thursday. The international showcase will be on Friday, which is followed by a ‘90s dance on Saturday.

“We encourage everyone to come and show their talent,” McMullin said. “If you want to get up on the stage and scream and then sit down, that is cool, too. We just want students to be comfortable with themselves in front of their peers.”

The event MCDC advisers are looking forward to the most is the origami workshop that will be held in the Gardner Center Room D Thursday at noon.

All the events are catered to students and community members, and the advisers who have put this week together encourage everyone to participate in the festivities.

“This week is fun and educational all at the same time,” Arujo said. “Please everyone come and have fun.”

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