Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:51 pm

Homecoming considered success


From a smooth show of Miss Dixie to a winning football game, Dixie State University’s Homecoming entertained students.

Homecoming took place last week and started Oct. 21 and ended on Oct. 26.

Annmarie Arrdizone, a sophomore nursing major from Las Vegas, said the drive-in movie was the highlight for her.

“It was fun,” Ardizzone said. “I really liked the drive-in movie this year up at the old airport. It’s such a pretty place, and I’m glad they used it for something.”
Andrew Croyle, a freshman engineering major from Ogden, said his favorite event was True Rebel night.
Gabbie Holbrook, a junior communication major from Salt Lake City, said the parade was a great time for her.
“I was in the parade this year, [and] it was fun to see the Dixie community aside from the college environment I’m used to,” Holbrook said.
Brandon Price, a senior communication major from Perry and Dixie State University Student Association’s vice president of public relations, said the Date Doctor was another big event and students filled out seats in the Gardner Center.
Megan Church, a senior biology major from St. George and DSUSA’s student public chair, said Rock the Mall was fantastic.

“My favorite event this year was probably Rock the Mall,” Church said. “(It was) so great, and everyone performed great.”

Jordon Sharp, director of student involvement and leadership, said Homecoming this year went marvelously.

“Homecoming was outstanding this year and we are very pleased,” Sharp said. “The DSUSA student government and Student Alumni Association have been planning these events for months, and they were all well executed and well attended. Not including the game, we had approximately 14,000 people attend the Homecoming events.”

Sharp said entries for the parade were a big part of Homecoming because of the number of people who attended.

“The parade was my favorite because we reached almost 100 entries, had roughly 3,500-4,000 spectators, and the weather was perfect,” Sharp said.

Sharp said a problem the DSUSA encountered was limited space at the drive-in. More students showed up than expected.

“We did not anticipate the amount of people who attended the drive-in, which was a great surprise,” Sharp said. “We had a perfect set up for around 200 cars, but 400 cars showed up; however, we will be better prepared for that event next year because students and community loved it and the feedback was really good.”

Price said putting Miss Dixie a week ahead was nice because it opened a day for another event.

He also said it was a little bit of a change having the football game in the evening. Everything is usually crammed in the morning. Pushing the football game back gave everyone time to transition smoothly. Saturday events included the parade, Founder’s Day assembly, tailgate party, Homecoming game, Homecoming dance and True Rebel.

Jared Fleurant, a junior integrated studies major from Ogden, said Homecoming would have been more enjoyable with more events to attend.

“I think it would be cool to have more little activities during the day,” Fleurant said. “During the powder puff game I think it would of been cool to have men cheerleaders or something. Maybe some skits…. I feel like there could of been more activities, though. I know there was a lot, but there could of been more all day every hour of the hour.”
Fleurant said the location for the dance could have been better.
“I loved the True Rebel and the dance,” Fleurant said. “I feel that the dance was in a too crowded place.”
Holbrook said she wished more people had been involved with the 5k and more advertisement for the event.

Church said DSUSA kept it pretty close to old traditions. Student body participation was great, and that’s what makes the events.

“I think everything went great,” Church said. “Student body this year was so involved.”