Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:51 pm

Service is needed all year round


The days are getting shorter and the weather colder; that must mean it’s almost time to see volunteers ringing bells outside stores and asking for donations.

Wait. Why do we hear so much of that around the holiday season but not at any other times? Are people only hungry around the holidays?

We all see volunteers for food banks and countless other charities out around the winter holidays, but when was the last time you saw someone doing a food drive in the middle of July (aside from maybe a Boy Scout working on an Eagle project)?

People aren’t only hungry around the winter holidays. I know I need to eat the rest of the year, too.

Sure, maybe the holidays are harder and people are more strapped for cash, so that’s when people tend to be hungrier.

Let’s stop and think about this for a minute, though.

By that same reasoning, shouldn’t people be more financially willing and able to donate food and money during the rest of the year? It would be easier to say, “Yeah, sure I can give a bit now,” when you’re not having to pay for holiday gifts and unexpected things like doctor visits for all those winter illnesses that tend to go around.

It is great that charities are able to take advantage of the holiday spirit of giving and helping others, but imagine how much money they’d be able to raise and food they’d be able to gather with an idea like helping put together someone’s Easter lunch, instead of just a campaign to give someone a Christmas dinner.

I’m sure the people going through tough times during the rest of the year would appreciate it, too.

If you help organize these sorts of food drives and fundraisers for charities during the winter, why not suggest trying the rest of the year, too? If you aren’t involved in organizing them, why not help out the ones who do appear the rest of the year? When you’re paying for your next pair of flip-flops or swimming suit, say “yes” to giving a dollar or two to any charity that store may be helping. Take an extra can of food over to Dixie Care and Share. Get involved with the DSU service club, Dixie Serves.

Don’t wait until the holidays to help out.