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Sassy Gay Student 2


Accidents in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are.

What is the first rule of driving dangerously? Answer.colon Don’t pay attention. Second rule of bad driving is,either colon or no punctuation here at all forget about what dear sweet Mommy dearest taught you as a child about manners. This is<these are? the parameters for an accident.To fix the fragment, but a comme here and combine the sentences Which was the situation with all these accidents happening on and off campus <fragment.Avoid generalizing when it comes to things like what caused an accident. You could say something like, “These things lead to accidents, and could possibly have been factors in the recent accidents around campus, although we’ll never know for sure.” 

I personally have been a witness to three car accidents in one day this semester. And the following week time element a Dixie State University football player was also part of an accident. (Hopefully its not due to a conclusion<i hope you mean concussion on the field). I moved this paragraph here

One may think comma “What do Utahans<spelling learn in drivers don’t cap>Ed? Because,no comma it surely is not how to drive well, or safely for that matter.

Here are a few tips from Progressive drivers:
Posted by Shashwat in Funny Tips<is this on the Progressive website?
“In case of an accident, remember D.A.D at the accident scene – Document everything, Admit nothing and Deny wrongdoing.”

Posted by Michael in Funny Tips:
“If you suddenly find a noticeable drop in MPG and hauling power, you might want to check your emergency brake.”

 Do you really need those? You end up giving your own tips. I’d cut it out.

This issue can be avoided by learning the proper sassy ediquette<spelling of gay driving.

First,no comma things is first,colon dressing to drive. One may think that how you dress will not affect how you drive. Thiscomma of course, is a wild misnomer.A misnomer is when a wrong name is given to something. (Like “king crab” because it’s not actually a crustacean or a “shooting star” because it’s actually a meteor)  How you don attire Maybe “The attire you don?” does affect your mood. Thus, if you dress like an angry “gangsta”,<-punctuate inside quotes chances are you will drive like an angry “gangsta”.ditto

I am reminded of James Dean’s fatal accident. Case in point, look at how that silly boywhy is he a silly boy? dressed that day. how did he dress? History has numerous cases of tragically dressed drivers. I would suggest dressing like a Clark Gable if you’re a man, and like BetteMFE (Major Factual Error) Page She’s famous for wearing lingerie, so… is that what you’re telling ladies to wear while driving? if you’re a woman, before you get on the road. Preserving your safety and ensuring that if you were to die in a car accident, you will look good on the way out.<fragment

Now that you are dressed to drive, do the right thing and put your phone in a safe place where you wont<punctuation be able to see or hear it. Adjust those mirrors, so you can see those sexy boys men you pass. Oh, and the crazy drivers out there as well, that try and pass in all directions.<fragment

Buckle up. It is the law, but also there is a reason why the car companies thought of this accessory. It “screams” I would actually put the quotes around “safe and available,” because that’s what it screams safe and available. What better boyfriend could you bring back to your parents,no comma than one that“who” not “that” is reliable, safe,no comma and looks an awful lot like Steve McQueen.<this is a question

Life is more important than extra-ciriculardo you mean curricular?  driving activities, and I don’t mean what you think. If you are dressed to impressed already, than <spelling there is no need for dressing and driving, nor isare any other activities involving a bathroom, kitchen or comma office and a or computer necessary while driving. If a call from your Ma,no comma or new boy toy can waitcomma so can those activities.

Don’t make me come out there and lay the gay sass on ya. I may have a heart hyphento hyphenheart with your nearest gay roommate if i<cap see any more of that,no comma “Thelma and Louise” driving out there on campus.


Note: a Cartoon for this article would be awesome.