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The Power of Video – Young Utah Entreprenuer Raises $300K+ in 30 Days


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With the hardship of the economy, it’s challenging for any graduate to become an entreprenuer and find ways to raise capital for their businesses. This story, which has been featured on KSL, ABC 4 and 97.1 ZHT, shares the success of a young Utah businessman who found a way to raise $300K in 30 days using Please watch this three-minute video to witness the secret success to this news story.


THE POWER OF VIDEO – YOUNG UTAH ENTREPRENUER RAISES $300K+ IN 30 DAYS Record: The Most Backers Ever for a Fashion Category Project

OGDEN, UT, May 14, 2013 – What is the secret to generating capital over $300,000 in 30 days to help you launch your company and take it to the next level? The Crabby Wallet has won acclaim for its design and functionality on and the secret behind this success was the video Ryan Crabtree, Co-Owner of Crabby Gear, designed and produced in-house that spoke directly to his audience.

Rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and snowboarding…what is an outdoor enthusiast to do with all their gear? Crabtree quickly identified in the video production his target market and clearly demonstrated the consumer’s needs and benefits for his product. The Crabby Wallet is a minimalist wallet that holds everything you need and nothing more. To view the Crabby Wallet video, click here:

Crabtree’s success is a powerful example of how crowdfunding is changing the way that ideas are spread or businesses are started and grown. leads the crowdfunding movement having launched 93,500 projects with a 41.8 percent funding success rate since it went online nearly four years ago. One person with an idea can reach an international audience of millions to discover whether a concept has support. Crabtree saw as the perfect platform to test his idea.

The social media communities were exploding in tweets and posts regarding interest and the success for the Crabby Wallet. Kevin Fox, @kfury, a Kickstarter backer states, “The Crabby Wallet has got to be the most consistently successful Kickstarter project I’ve ever seen.” Simon Phipps, @webmink, states, “Wow! @CrabbyWallet blew through his target already! I sense another Kickstarter monster.”

The Crabby Wallet is being hailed for its unprecedented success in achieving the highest number of backers (15,129) ever on in the fashion category. “It is awesome to see so many people around the world come together on Kickstarter to make startup projects, like the Crabby Wallet, a reality. Entrepreneurs should strongly consider using Kickstarter as a capital funding source for their business.” said Ryan Crabtree.

The Crabby Wallet is available in nine different colors and can be purchased online at The project can be found online at

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