Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:50 pm

DSU must step up game when it comes to recycling


We are in the Dark Ages; the majority of the U.S. has some form of productive recycling. We at Dixie State University do not.

How did the push to prepare DSU to be a university leave out this initiative? Isn’t a key component of the modernization to catch up across the board with other universities?

Without recycling, we remain behind and wasteful.

Look into any trashcan on campus and you will see mounds of recyclables. 

I understand that a massive entity such as DSU must think of every penny and do what has the most return and recycling, currently, isn’t as profitable. But when has cost stopped good people from doing the right thing?

The tide is turning in the U.S. to catch up with the world in recycling laws. Each individual at DSU who starts to recycle is proactive and helps modernize not only DSU, but the U.S. too.

Change is hard and many are set in their ways, but decades from now we will see what fools we were not to recycle.

Enough with the excuses that it’s not as profitable or difficult—It’s time we stop thinking of petty reasons not to and start thinking of reasons how to.

Request more places on campus to easily refill reusable water bottles. 

There should be well labeled bins for metal, paper and plastic at every trash receptacle on campus.

Printing should be done double-sided. 

All bulbs on campus should be fluorescent. 

Students in campus housing should pay based on utilities used, not a flat rate.

DSU should encourage other means of transportation to campus besides automotive. This will not only help the environment, but it will also help with the lack of parking. 

If we each do our responsible part, this will help reduce the amount of waste that is filling landfills each year. It will help to conserve the environment and natural resources for ourselves and future generations. And it will save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  

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