Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:50 pm

DSU hires Texas company to design new logo


Dixie’s university upgrade will come complete with a new logo. 

Dixie State University’s new brand is in the hands of designers in Texas. Torch Creative, a business that specializes in collegiate logo design, is drafting a sketch of the new school logo.

The company will send a computer layout of the new logo to DSU on May 15, allowing members of the DSU Public Relations Department to evaluate the design and give feedback. The final draft is expected to be incorporated near the end of June.

Nadauld said the process of selecting a new logo has been long because university officials want to make sure the new logo represents Dixie. 

“When you put 50 people in a room, you get 50 different ideas for a logo,” Nadauld said. “With 50 different visions it is hard to reach an agreement.”

Nadauld said he is aware not everyone will be pleased when choosing the logo, but the company advisers will do their best to take everyone’s opinion into consideration.

“Undoubtedly we will pick something that 30 of you don’t like,” Nadauld said at the Direction of Dixie Forum on Tuesday. “Hopefully the other 30 will be pleased, and I am content with a 30-10 split.”

Public Relations Director Steve Johnson said the new logo will be created off of the history of St. George and the report from the name change.

“The reports give the design company an idea of what the students and residents want in a new logo,” Johnson said.

Some temporary signs reading “University” have already been put around campus. A sign was put up on the Cox Auditorium immediately after Gov. Gary Herbert signed the bill approving Dixie for university status.

A street sign has also been put up on St. George Blvd. telling drivers where DSU is located.

Johnson said no more signs will be put up until the new logo is created and trademarked as DSU’s.

Nadauld said university officials are planning on spending a large amount of money on a new branding strategy. 

“There will be three or four new billboards along the I-15 corridor,” Nadauld said. “When you go to the movie theater you will also see advertisements before your show starts.”

Students and faculty are anticipating the new logo and hope it will be a symbol Dixie can be proud of, Nadauld said.

“The new logo will be nothing like we had before,” Johnson said. “We are looking forward to see what it will look like.”