Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:50 pm

D-Week wraps; students recall favorite moments


Break world record. Check. Crown new D-Queen. Check. Kiss in the fountain at midnight. Check.

This year’s D-Week started with the comedian Samuel Comroe, who poked fun at his Tourette’s syndrome as he had the crowd laughing at his diagnosis.

“I was laughing so hard that my cheeks got a great workout,” said Josh Brown, a freshman nursing major from American Fork.

True beauty stood out on Tuesday with the D-Queen pageant. Each woman was judged based off of her GPA, essays, questions and presence. 

Alex Anderson won second runner-up, Lydia Jeppson won first runner-up, and Kylie Young was crowned the D-Queen.

“It was awesome and all the girls did a great job,” said Darian Latimer, a freshman general education major from Price. “I liked the talents, especially the synchronized swimming routine.”

DSU accomplished a world record on Thursday for the most paper airplanes being tossed at one time. The current world record was only 56 paper airplanes. DSU beat that with close to 500 paper airplanes taking off at once.

Students and alumni created teams to compete against one other at The Great Race on Friday. The teams had to complete 10 legs of a relay and had different members stationed at each event.

The race began at Hansen Stadium where the first group ran around the track. In another leg of the course, the contestants had to Rollerblade, followed by trivia questions about the history of Dixie State University.

The last legs were swimming laps, a mud run and a Slip ‘N Slide.

The Cross Country team crossed the finish line first, followed by D-Crew in second and then X-Club in third.

“I have participated in it the last few years and this one was the most fun for sure partly because we took second,” said Trisha McArthur, a senior health science major from St. George. “We are all competitive but weren’t expecting to do as good as we did.”

Students liked the race for different reasons, but some simply liked its difficulty.

“The Great Race challenges you in every aspect,” said Preston Keller, a junior business administration major from Holladay. “It is not for the weak and certainly not for the fair of heart. The race was exhilarating and I highly enjoyed [being in] it.” 

Following the race, Dixie State put on a carnival complete with free hamburgers, blow up rides and a zip line.

“The week was good,” said Taylor Timothy, a sophomore communication major from Brigham City. “I had a lot of fun. But I wish the carnival had more student activities. I also wish D-Week had more night activities.”

Austin Dance, a sophomore general education major from Blackfoot, Idaho, said this was one of the best weeks of school.

“They did a great job at putting everything together for the students,” Dance said. “They did an amazing job this year.”