Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:49 pm

Kill the Noise kills it


Grab your glow sticks and get ready to fist pump your heart out because the new album from Kill the Noise is crazy club-worthy.

Kill the Noise is a newer band on the scene and  has only been releasing albums of its own dance music since 2011. Before that the group released dance covers of songs by The Roots.

“Black Magic” is a short album with only 7 songs, but each song is noticeably different from the others, which is rare in the dubstep and dance genres.

The top song on the album, “Thumbs Up,” begins with a child’s voice giving a sort of revolution speech about what you can accomplish by believing in yourself. It was funny listening to this child’s voice say, “You will know how to ride a bike, you just keep practicing.” 

The song continues to use the same clip throughout,which gives it a fun aspect.

The title song, “Black Magic (Kill the Noise part 2),” was reminiscent of “Summit” by Skrillex. Everything from the beat to the way the sound bites were placed made me wonder if they were doing it on purpose as a ploy for fans. 

Several songs on the album did use piano along with the usual computer-generated sounds, which gives them more of a real music feel compared to the artificial sound of most dubstep out there. 

The final song, “To Be Continued,” was the best example because the entire song was played on piano.

The title of the song, along with the slow tempo, made the song an ethereal ending to the album, like the calm before the next big storm. I hope to see Kill the Noise follow it with an even longer album soon.