Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:48 pm

Mad Chad juggles props, saws, trees at Tuesday event


Mad Chad astounded Dixie State College students once again with his quick wit and record-breaking stunts. 

The daredevil performer juggled phones, foliage, implants and of course, chainsaws to entertain (and scare the crap out of) an enthusiastic crowd of DSC students in the Gardner Ballroom Wednesday evening. 

“The show blew my mind,” said Zane Rizzuto, a junior communication major from Ogden.

Excitement and nerves seemed to be common emotions of those who attended the show.

“I was so nervous for him,” said Calee Drew, a junior English education major from Las Vegas.

“The show was really intense; I was like biting my nails the whole time,” said Carlee Hassell, a sophomore dental hygiene major from Ogden.

“Yeah,” Drew chimed in, “Me and Carlee were like, covering our eyes half the time!” 

Mad Chad kept the crowd involved throughout the show with his jokes as well as several bits of audience participation.

He hadn’t planned on juggling the decorative tree offstage, but when audience members were asked to pick something in the room for him to juggle along with a shot put and an egg, the fake foliage had their vote.

“The more creative the audience is, the more trouble I’m in with this bit,” Mad Chad explained. “Sometimes the audience doesn’t think that hard about it and it’s like ‘hey juggle my shoe, juggle my purse’ and that’s great, but sometimes they get really tricky.”

The show had several moments that students deemed to be their favorite part.

“I liked the part where he was eating an apple while he was juggling machetes,” said Rizzuto. “That was freaking awesome.”

Hassell agreed and said that she liked watching Mad Chad throw a box of fake eggs and give a few students on the front row a pretty good scare. 

“My favorite part was when he balanced on his skateboard and juggled the chainsaws at the same time,” Drew said.

The fake eggs weren’t the only part of the show Mad Chad planned to startle the audience.

The crowd gave a nearly unanimous gasp when Mad Chad began juggling 3 shot puts and then dropped one directly onto his forehead. It was only after he milked the performance with some moans and groans that he then turned with a smile and bounced one of the shot puts on the stage to reveal it was a fake.

Mad Chad was as excited to be back at Dixie as the students were to have him return.

“I love performing at Dixie; of course you think I am just saying that but honestly Dixie is one of the greatest crowds,” Mad Chad said. “I always know when I come here I am going to have a fun crowd.”