Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:46 pm

Robot Wakes Up in Space


In what’s being referred to as “a giant leap for tin man kind,” the first humanoid robot has opened its “eyes” Tuesday while onboard the International Space Station. After the NASA-designed Robonaut was sufficiently warmed up, he did what anyone would do after a long jaunt through space: Tweet.

Since its arrival, the humanoid has released a number of Tweets, which have obviously been dictated to his human cohorts. Robonaut was delivered to the space station by the renowned space shuttle Discovery, which made its final voyage earlier this year. And while his body consists of only a torso with arms and a head, he still manages to weigh approximately 330 pounds, with his first movement being scheduled for next week. But anyone concerned with Robonaut’s limited mobility should know there are indeed more limbs in his future. A pair of legs are being designed, with their projected use in the year 2013.