Last Updated: January 2, 2018, 7:11 pm

Women Who Don’t Let Mobility Hold Them Back


Janice Columb and Pat Brown are two ladies younger at heart than a teenager. Fun and excitement are something they love and they won’t let the fact that they need walkers to move around hold them back. You may have seen them on the road or even in a drive through, that’s because Janice and Pat are almost always on the go.

Thanks to a pair of ‘scooters,’ these two are able to take care of any needs they have as long as it’s within a distance of 25 miles. Their adventures take them all around St. George and they thrive from the excitement of getting around. Janice even sold her car recently and relies completely on her scooter as her main form of transportation. The two even go through fast food drive-thru’s on their electric machines, all to stay active and independent.

So next time you see these two persuing the streets of St. George, be sure to wave.