Last Updated: January 2, 2018, 7:27 pm

Women’s resource center providing support to students at DSU


    The women’s resource center is still in the initial stages of cementing its presence at Dixie State University.

    Florence Bacabac, the women’s resource director, said her idea for the center started after she realized DSU didn’t have a women’s resource center set up specifically for students. Southern Utah University provided these services, which Bacabac said led to her initial proposal that launched spring 2013.

    “Our mission is to help our female students meet their academic and professional goals,” Bacabac said. “We want to promote this for female students because of the study that Utah is still the number one state with the lowest rate of degreed women.”

    For those who have dropped out but are interested in coming back to finish their degree, the women’s resource center is there to assist, Bacabac said.

    “There have been non-traditional students or moms who have felt like they wanted to go back to school, but it is so intimidating,” Bacabac said. “We can help with that transition.”

    Student interns at the center, which is located at the Holland Centennial Commons Building room 489, can also counsel incoming students who are seeking additional information about financial aid and scholarships. Mattie Larsen, a senior fine arts major from St. George, said she’s available Monday through Thursday to help female students who are interested in talking with mentors, applying for scholarships, or looking for medical resources around St. George. Student moms can also use lactation rooms in the Holland Centennial Commons Building, room 569A.

    “If you’re just looking for someone to talk to, we offer professional services,” Larsen said.

    The DOVE Center provides private counseling services for whoever walks in every Wednesday from 3 to 5 p.m. in the women’s resource center.

    “[The professionals] work one-on-one with students who have gone through sexual assault to offer them support,” said Cari Buckner, the women’s resource center committee chair.

    Although the center has been open for only a couple of years, Bacabac said it is crucial for the center to build a reputation among the student body.

    “We have collaborated with a lot of different centers here on campus,” Bacabac said.

    By involving other clubs and resources, the women’s resource center is able to host free events that involve educating female students and also promoting successful women.

    “For some of our events, we invite these professional women just to share their stories and how they got to where they are now,” Bacabac said. “We think these events will help contribute to our mission of helping women achieve their academic and professional goals.”

    For more information about the women’s resource center, visit [email protected] or call 435-879-4489. Students can also keep up to date with the women’s resource center’s upcoming events and scholarships by looking up @DixieState_WRC on Twitter.

    “It’s worth it to come in because we’re a friendly environment and we will do everything we can to send you in the right direction,” Larsen said.