Last Updated: September 14, 2021, 11:34 am

Study abroad offers students real-world experiences


DSU students visit the GAA museum in Dublin, Ireland. Dixie State University’s Study Abroad Fair will be held Sept. 14 from 9:30– 12 p.m. Photo courtesy of the study abroad department.

Study abroad programs have been taken off hold and students are ready to take off around the world.

Dixie State University’s Study Abroad Fair will be held Sept. 14 from 9:30– 12 p.m. on the diagonal sidewalk on campus. The Study Abroad Fair gives students the opportunity to learn about a variety of places they can visit during the summer of 2022 and beyond through DSU’s Study Abroad Program.

Study Abroad Coordinator Jenny Callahan said students will have the convenience of having all the DSU faculty leaders in one location at the Study Abroad Fair. This makes it easier for students who are interested in multiple study abroad programs. 

Callahan said by studying abroad students gain the confidence of navigating a different transportation system, education system and language.

“It’s this amazing opportunity to see the world from a different perspective,” Callahan said. “ It is very valuable that we realize that things aren’t always done the way they are in the U.S. It’s important for us to have that perspective broadened, and I think that is something students get out of studying abroad.” 

The Study Abroad Office offers a multitude of programs like summer short programs which vary in length and can be anywhere from one week to one month. This program is a faculty-led program and can be a great opportunity for students because they count as credit toward their degrees. Students can choose to explore places like Spain, South Africa, Iceland, Uganda and so much more. Students can fill out an application to start their adventure today.

Study Abroad also offers affiliate programs that can vary in length from a summer semester to an entire year. This program can take students to places like Australia, Brazil, Cuba, Israel and more. This program is affiliated with University Studies Abroad Consortium.

Zac Barker, a junior digital film major from Stuttgart, Germany, said taking a study abroad trip helped him reconnect with his culture and family. Barker is originally from Germany, moved to America in 2006, and moved to Utah in 2018.

Barker encourages students to venture out and join a study abroad program because it gives students an experience to learn a new culture, a new language and it looks good on resumes. Barker suggests students study up on the culture and country they are planning to go to so the language barrier is easier to overcome.

“I would do it just so you can experience different cultures and kind of see how they experience life,” Barker said. “The things you are allowed to do are very unique compared to America. I would honestly tell anyone, do it because it’s good and going to help you on later in life.” 

DSU also offers the chance for students to experience another location to go to school. The Exchange Program can be for one semester or a year. This program allows students to pay their DSU tuition and fees while being in another part of the world for their schooling.

According to the website, the format of the program makes it easier for students as they can still continue to use financial aid to fund their study abroad experience. 

Callahan said students can have an on-campus job while studying in the DSU Exchange Program. In addition to this, students can take language courses so they can learn the language while they are there. 

The Study Abroad Center offers students a checklist:

  • Explore for programs
  • Start saving
  • Go to the Study Abroad Fair
  • Tell your academic adviser you plan on studying abroad
  • Learn about the Global Studies Minor and Global Scholar Award
  • Fill out the study abroad application
  • Apply for a passport now

Becky Moore, administrative assistant for communication and media studies, talked about the multitude of lessons she learned while traveling outside of the country.

“My experience with traveling outside of the country is just always realizing how big the world actually is, how different our culture is, and learning new things and meeting new people,” Moore said.