Last Updated: August 31, 2021, 2:02 pm

DSU hosts job fair and business expo


  • Emmaline Rawlinson, a senior elementary education major from Delta talks about the benefits students will gain from attending the Job Fair and Business Expo.

Dixie State University is giving students the opportunity for work experience outside the classroom by hosting a job fair and business expo.

The DSU Job Fair and Business Expo is taking place Aug. 31 from 1 – 4 p.m. in the Gardner Center Ballroom. The job fair gives students an opportunity to discover job prospects that are both on and off-campus. DSU Career Services suggests that students come ready to network, make good impressions, and be prepared to secure a job.

With a multitude of companies currently hiring, some students choose to look into the opportunities DSU provides because of the convenience of having an on-campus job. Emmaline Rawlinson, a senior elementary education major from Delta, said having an on-campus job has encouraged her to get more involved in the DSU student community.

Rawlinson, who is also a peer coach, said managing her studies and work is easier because of the flexibility and time management that an on-campus job provides. Rawlinson favors the fact she can be in a location where she is doing both school and work. Rawlinson said the student job fair and expo will be beneficial for students and encourages them to attend the event.

“I think it’s a wonderful experience because you have people who are coming to scout you,” Rawlinson said. “They’re ready to hire and willing to help you out in your career, you just have to go.” 

Isabella Perrello, a junior media studies major from Tucson, Arizona, has a different perspective having worked off-campus for two years at Bed Bath & Beyond. Perrello said having an off-campus job has allotted her the chance to meet more people and learn from being more involved in the community. Perrello encourages students to let their employer know that school is a priority so the employer can work around the students’ schedules. 

“When you have an off-campus job you meet a lot of community members,” Perrello said. “I feel like when you work on campus you are just meeting other students.”

During her time at DSU, Alumna Kodi Mckinaly worked as a student assistant, a peer coach, Utah Heath Scholars Peer Mentor, and paid internships associated with DSU. Mckinaly said it was convenient to be on campus at all times and suggests students look on Handshake as there are department and college-specific jobs that anyone can apply for. 

“Working on campus allowed me to make and strengthen relationships with students, faculty and staff at DSU,” Mckinaly said. “I learned time management, professionalism, and grew a deeper love for the university. I would highly encourage students to seek employment from any campus facility or organization.” 

Students can register through Handshake. If students have questions, they can visit the Career Services on the fifth floor of the Jeffrey R. Holland Centennial Commons building, email  or call 435-652-7737. 

Rawlinson said, “Go see the opportunities you have and the experiences you’re going to gain.”