Last Updated: August 27, 2021, 12:28 pm

Ali Threet: Leader among students, faculty


Ali Threet speaks with student Syd Johnson, about what it means to her to be dean of students. Threet starts this semester fresh by stepping into her new role as Dean of Students and Assistant Vice President of student affairs. Photo by Yara Al-Badri.

The start of a school year always brings fresh starts, new beginnings, and blazing new trails.

Dixie State University announced its new Dean of Students and Assistant Vice President of student affairs: an advocate and mentor for not only the students but also the faculty and staff at DSU and a dedicated leader amongst everyone who is involved at the DSU campus.

Ali Threet, the new assistant vice president of student affairs and dean of students, former executive director of Career Services, begins her new adventure at DSU.

“I have two different jobs: One I get to help oversee a lot of the different offices across campus, and [two] the part that I was the most excited about, is the Dean of Students piece, and what that is is I get to be an advocate for all students,” Threet said.

Threet has experience with DSU Athletics, student leadership groups, the Career Center and more. Through having a wide knowledge of the DSU campus and what it has to offer, Threet has visions for DSU that include each student having the knowledge of the resources on campus.

“There are so many people around campus that really want to help students, and they provide all of these amazing services, but the students don’t even know they’re here or they don’t know who they should contact,” Threet said. “So I can be that person that gets them connected with just the right opportunity or just the right office.”

Threet is connected with a great number of faculty, staff, and students on campus through all of the positions she has had at DSU. She is a leader to everyone she comes in contact with through her way of making everyone feel involved, loved and heard.

Rochelle Blatter, senior career counselor said: “I definitely look to her as a mentor because she sees what your potential and strengths are, and she helps you not only recognize those but also be able to use that. She has the ability to look at students and see where they can go with their potential.”

Threet has spent many years working with people including older adults, middle-aged adults, young adults, and children, but overall her main focus has always been to be an advocate for others. As she continues to create an environment for individuals to feel included and accepted, Threet’s role as the Dean of Students goes hand-in-hand with that.

“She always goes above and beyond for a student and will spend hours trying to get a solution and that they are heard,” said Shane Blocker, interim director of Career Services.