Last Updated: April 25, 2021, 11:13 pm

SPORTS OPINION | Karl Brooks Field, Burns Arena need to be updated


Adding the Human Performance Center building to DSU was a big upgrade for its campus infrastructure, but Michael Santoscoy says there are a few other buildings that need to be upgraded in order to meet Division I standards. Photo by Misha Mosiichuk.

Without a doubt in my mind, the Human Performance Center at Dixie State University is the most stunning building on campus.

The 155,000-square-foot facility has amazing features to it like the Olympic sized pool, basketball courts inside the building and on top of the roof, different floors to work out on, and classes taking place as well.

I’ve worked out inside the HPC a couple of times already, and as a student, it’s definitely a privilege to have access to this building. I can go anytime to workout, go play intramurals, or play sports for fun with my friends.

Since DSU has a beautiful facility like the HPC on campus, why haven’t other sports venues been updated yet?

There are sports venues at DSU that need to be updated, and it needs to start with the Karl Brooks Field:

  • The bleachers need to be renovated to fit more fans inside the stadium. The dugouts don’t look appealing to the eye
  • The scoreboard definitely needs to be replaced since Greater Zion Stadium and the M. Anthony Burns Arena got new jumbotrons.
  • The area beyond the fence by the outfield needs to be taken care of because there’s nothing occupying it.
  • DSU could add bleachers in the outfield to allow more fans to attend games, so they’re not all bunched up.

Every softball game I attend, I’m uncomfortable sitting on the bleachers because they’re not comfortable to be sitting on for a long period of time. When I look around at the fan attendance, it looks like I’m at a Little League baseball game by how bunched up the fans are because of the bleachers.

Karl Brooks Field deserves better than what it is currently, and nobody should be feeling what I feel when they attend games.

The softball program is known to have success since its first year of NCAA Division II play in 2007. Now that the Trailblazers have transitioned to the DI level, the softball program is holding its own by being No. 4 in the Western Athletic Conference, and it still has a chance to climb up the standings with the nine games left on the schedule.

The athletes on the softball team deserve better than what they have currently at Karl Brooks Field and should get the best facility possible since they compete at a high level.

The other sports venue that needs to be updated is the M. Anthony Burns Arena.

During the summer of 2020, DSU installed a new jumbotron and, I’ve got to say, it looks fantastic. The replays are clear as day to look at, the lineup introductions look clean to watch, and it looks professional to have inside the facility.

However, the seating in the arena needs to be updated because every time I attend a basketball or volleyball game, I want to stand the entire time. The seats are uncomfortable to sit in for a long period of time and every time someone sits right next to me, I feel way closer to the person than I should.

Another way to make the arena stand out is by adding press boxes inside the facility for the media and reserved seating. If DSU can incorporate that for the seating arrangement, the Burns Arena will pop more and look more visually pleasing.

I understand DSU is focused on getting other campus buildings finished for fall 2021, but the attention needs to turn to Karl Brooks Field and the Burns Arena.

DSU Athletics is a DI status institution, and it needs to show that by demonstrating to other schools that the sporting facilities on campus are fun and professional to compete in.