Last Updated: September 11, 2020, 5:40 pm

DSU implements heavy protocols, precautions to keep intramural experience for students


Intramural sports are still up and running this semester. Students can compete and stay active while following COVID-19 precautions. Photo by Misha Mosiichuk.

Despite this crazy roller coaster of a year, Dixie State University students can still look forward to participating in intramural sports.

David Howell, assistant director of Campus Recreation, said the intramurals program created a plan to safely continue offering a vast majority of intramural sports.

The intramural sports beginning this month are coed flag football; men’s, women’s and coed 4v4 sand volleyball; coed outdoor 6v6 soccer; and inner-tube water polo.

“The decision came [down to] some modifications [being put] in place and safety plans [being put] in place in order to combat the COVID-19 pandemic,” Howell said.

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With the variety of sports going on, safety protocols and precautions drastically picked up.

Before participants compete in an event, students will need to be checked and ensure they are symptom free. Hand sanitizer will be available at check-in stations and score tables. Spectators can attend games; however, they have to wear masks, practice social distancing and stay away from the playing surfaces.

The locations of games are more socially distant. For example, flag football and coed outdoor 6v6 soccer can be played at the south encampment mall, north softball field, and the lower side of Greater Zion Stadium. Scheduled games aren’t tightly compact now as they are further apart in time. The reason for more spread-out games is to limit the groups’ contact with other individuals. Intramural leagues are being split into divisions to avoid contact with students. The intramurals program directors also purchased foggers that spray a mist disinfectant to disinfect high touch surface areas on equipment.

“Ultimately, we also wanted to make sure that with everything that is getting shutdown that there are still opportunities for our students to participate in [extracurricular activities] outside of [the] classroom,” Howell said.

Brianna Tims, a junior education major from Mountain View, Wyoming, said she believes there should be intramurals because it helps college stay enjoyable in the midst of all that has been going on this year. She said it’s important to her to be involved, and it has helped her in all aspects of life.

“We encourage those who feel comfortable to participate, we just ask to help us help you,”

David Howell, assistant director of Campus Recreation

Quade Saxton, a sophomore digital film major from Pinedale, Wyoming, said he’s not overly concerned about contracting COVID-19 from playing intramurals because of the precautions and protocols that are being taken to keep himself and other students safe.

Howell said all participants are welcomed, and if there are any concerns about participating, students can visit the intramurals office to get a better understanding of what’s been put in place.

“We encourage those who feel comfortable to participate, we just ask to help us help you,” Howell said. “Make sure if you are participating that you are following those guidelines we set forth, doing the symptom check responsibly, and if you are ill [don’t show up to your intramural game], so that way we can make sure we keep everyone safe and healthy.”

Students can register to participate in intramurals online on DSU’s recreation page. For more information on intramurals, visit for more details.

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