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Tips students can take away from career fair


Career services provides opportunity to help students find jobs and internships. Finding a job to work with your schedule may be easier thank you think. Photo by Cammie Johnson.

  Taking your first step into the working field can be intimidating, but finding employment as a college student can be easier than you think.

  Career services held a career and internship fair on Jan. 30 filled with employers looking to hire new employees.

  According to employers at the career fair, they have suggestions of the do’s and don’ts for potential employees.

Do your Research: 

  Shane Blocker, assistant director of career services, said the first thing to do is research. Make sure to do research on the company you are looking to apply for. Know their mission and what their company stands for.

Present Yourself Professionally: 

  Presenting yourself in a professional manner can show employers you are determined.

  “The hardest part of any career and internship fair is ‘how do you approach people’ and ‘how do you feel comfortable with an environment that sometimes is an intimidating thing’,” Blocker said.

  Walking through the fair once and getting an idea of who’s there is a great way to make a strategic plan of what company you want to approach and talk with, Blocker said.

Make a Personal Connection: 

  Some recruiters will want to speak with you right away, while others will want to contact you later on, Blocker said. It is important that you make that personal connection, even if they don’t have a position available that is in your interests. After you have made that connection, it is easy to contact them and ask about when other positions in the company will be available, Blocker said.

Search Online for Job or Internship Opportunities: 

  While some students aren’t always able to attend career fairs, there is always the process of reaching out to specific company’s and apply straight through them.

  Wanda Cook, human resource director from Navajo Technical University, said they offer entry level jobs that give students an opportunity to expand their knowledge and learn throughout the experience. 

  While not all jobs start at entry level, students can start building their experience through internships while they attend school.

  Students can even get experience and employed through DSU.

  Bailey Zimmerman, events and promotions coordinator, said students can apply to intern at the University Marketing and Communication, which include opportunities available from public relations to digital internships.

  “The UMAC offers students who want to learn new experiences,” Zimmerman said. “It helps them not just build on their hard skills, but also improve their soft skills.”

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Find Jobs that Cater to your School Schedule:

  “About 50% of our employees are students,” Megan Holt, team lead director from Caption Call said, “Ours hours are longer than most business’, which allows students to work when they have time. They just need to make sure they are responsible and work during their appointed shift.”

Know what Employers are Looking For: 

  When it comes to what they are looking for in employees, it comes down to if they are willing to work and be responsible. Their company is perfect for students who need flexibility in their schedules, said Holt.

  Finding employment can be stressful for students, but there are plenty of companies that are willing to work with students looking to build on their experience.