Last Updated: March 31, 2020, 7:59 pm

OPINION: Math essential for higher education skills, critical thinking


Seth Collins, a senior biology major from Riverton, solves a problem from his physics class. Photo by Cammie Johnson.

I have found math to be a difficult subject; however, mathematics should still be required for all majors regardless of the field of study.

Pursuing a higher education requires a generalized increase in education on an overall degree. While it may not be as important to study mathematics for an art degree, there is still a necessary skill to learn. The skill is to be able to have a general knowledge of a wide variety of subjects. This skill shows dedication, discipline and adaptivity when facing a difficult subject that doesn’t directly correspond with the main field of study.

In regard to mathematics, there is no “perfect” way to teach math to everyone. Instead, learning anything depends on the individual, there are multiple ways to learn any new subject. Students wanting to learn difficult subjects should identify what type of learner they are: visual, aural or physical. Visual learning can be through a video or infographic, aural learning is anything that includes audio such as music, lectures or videos, and physical learning is a hands-on experience. Then seek out the best method to suit their individual learning style, especially when it comes to math.

Dylan Bryant, a sophomore media studies major from St. George, said math should not be required for all majors. Students have struggled and worked-hard through calculus classes in high school, did poorly on the ACT, got no AP credit, and now they have to do it all again for their unrelated major.

Bryant said in regard to universities, encouraging their students to succeed in their fields where they are the strongest; however, when pursuing higher education there is still a necessary element at play. This would be going out of the comfort of a singular field of study and branching out by increasing the difficulty of general studies.

Therefore, mathematics is extremely important regardless of the field of study people go into. From finding the square root of pi to converting significant figures, math is something that we use in everyday life. No matter what you do in life, you will use math.

Pursuing math labs and tutors who will teach you how to learn math the best way that works for you are ways to make your journey through math easier. Mathematics was as a whole is not entirely necessary for every degree; however, it is necessary for the critical thinking and problem solving that is dealt with.

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