Last Updated: September 1, 2019, 9:07 pm

Fun, unique dessert place opens in St. George


A customer peers into the glass while her ice cream taco is being made at Sweet Rolled Tacos. Customers can watch the whole process of their dessert being made. Photo by Madison Anderson.

A new and exciting place to get dessert has opened in St. George and people are waiting for hours at a time to see and taste what it has to offer.

Sweet Rolled Tacos is known for its coffee, tea and hand-rolled ice cream. Owners Lisa and Devin Graff started their business in California and have always wanted to open a store in St. George. It started out just for fun but later turned into a passion for both Lisa and Devin they wanted to share with the St. George community.

“We needed this in St. George,” Lisa Graff said. “We need more fun and exciting ice cream that creates a fun experience for the family or a date night.”

When you walk into Sweet Rolled Tacos, you can expect to see ice cream artists busy at work creating their masterpieces.

Devin Graff said rolled ice cream is made by pouring a mixture of milk and cream onto a cold metal circle, which freezes the milk and cream concoction. The ice cream artist then spreads the ice cream out until it freezes and uses a spatula to roll it.

“We need more fun and exciting ice cream that creates a fun experience for the family or a date night.”

Sweet Rolled Tacos uses this technique to make their ice cream, but with one twist: the ice cream artists put the rolled ice cream into a taco-shaped waffle cone and tops it off with syrups and candies. 

Devin Graff said the most popular item on the menu is the Rainbow Road, which consists of Fruity Pebble ice cream topped with cotton candy whipped cream, sprinkles, Fruity Pebbles and a rainbow sour belt.

That’s not the only flavor you’ll find at Sweet Rolled Tacos. You can expect to see items on the menu such as Coffee and Cream, Monsters Ink and Strawberry Sunday. You will also see more unique items such as Honey Avocado, Purple Yam and Vietnamese Coffee.

Lindsay Weiland, a freshman business management major from St. George and employee at Sweet Rolled Tacos, said: “I just love the fun environment I am in. Everyone who works here works super hard and is proactive. We all keep busy and just love what we do.”

If you want to give this new dessert a try, Sweet Rolled Tacos is located at 250 N. Red Cliffs Drive. Prices start at $6.50. You can also follow them on Instagram @sweetrolledtacosstg.