Last Updated: March 17, 2019, 4:35 pm

Students, faculty discuss burning questions


Photo by Jessica Johnson.

Three burning questions students have can now be answered.

In a short survey conducted at Dixie State University, 30 individuals were asked to rate the following three questions from super bad to not bad at all. Afterward, a faculty member was asked to respond to the question.

How bad is it to take out student loans?

Super Bad: 2       Really Bad: 3       Pretty Bad: 8    Kinda Bad: 10   Not So Bad: 5     Not Bad At All: 2

“The real question is not whether or not student loans are bad,” said Dustin Johnson, associate director of financial aid. “The question each student should ask is ‘do I need a student loan in order to complete my educational goals?’ Avoiding debt is a good best practice when it comes to personal finance. However, if you need to borrow some in order to achieve your educational or career goals and you are honest with yourself in your assessment of your needs, they can be a sound investment in your future.”

To help determine if student loans are necessary, Johnson said students should ask themselves these questions:

  • Am I borrowing money to finance my needs, or am I trying to support a lifestyle?
  • Am I willing to live like a poor college student now, so that I can have greater financial freedom later?
  • Have I exhausted every other possible resource? (Grants, scholarships, etc.)
  • Am I able and willing to work while attending school?
  • Do I maintain a personal budget?
  • Do I actually know how much it will cost me to attend school?

How bad is it to skip class?

Super Bad: 1       Really Bad: 2       Pretty Bad: 2      Kinda Bad: 10   Not So Bad: 5     Not Bad at All: 10

Assistant English professor Cindy King said she wished more students would visualize how much money they’re losing each class they skip, because they’re paying for it. She also said she occasionally has to skip teaching her classes, typically because of other career obligations, but she said she tries to keep it to a minimum.

King said, “I have to skip class sometimes, but I don’t like it.”

How bad is it to spend more than three hours a day on your phone?

Super Bad: 2     Really Bad: 3       Pretty Bad: 2      Kinda Bad: 5       Not So Bad: 3     Not Bad at All: 15

Associate psychology professor Christine Chew said: “I’m not sure I can answer that question with any certainty. There is so little research out there and it also depends on the person, the context, etc.”

According to an article in Business Insider, researchers suggest spending only an hour or two per day online so you can spend more time participating in social activities that have been proven to have a positive effect on mental health. The act of using a phone, though, hasn’t necessarily been linked to anything detrimental.

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