Last Updated: March 3, 2019, 11:09 pm

DSN staff passionate about journalism, not the enemy


Photo by Madison Anderson.

The Dixie Sun News staff consists of 17 students with a passion for journalism, news writing and photography; here is a glimpse into our lives as student journalists.

A typical week at the Dixie Sun News starts with editors making assignment sheets for the different sections of the newspaper. On Monday, we delegate those assignments to writers, and discuss any questions anyone may have. Writers begin doing research, sending emails, making calls, and setting up interviews with sources to get all the information needed to write a factual and valid story.

On Wednesday, our newspaper comes out and we discuss what went well and what we can do better as a staff. For example, things such as grammatical errors, other writing errors, and issues that need to be discussed in future editions of the newspaper.

All of us are full-time students with busy schedules, so keeping up with the load of the Dixie Sun News is no easy task. The staff has to be capable of balancing homework, writing, work and a social life, among other things, which shows how dedicated each and every one of us are to the Dixie Sun News.

By the end of the week, editors are editing stories and getting stories ready to publish online.

There are misconceptions about the Dixie Sun News and what we do. Let me be the first to say, everything we report on is because we feel it will benefit the students of Dixie State University. We don’t intentionally write stories to bash or hurt anyone.

We as a staff feel it is important for DSU students to be informed of things going on at the university, whether they may be good or bad. Everything we report on is based on facts.

The Dixie Sun News staff gets mistreated and ignored, and what we have said often gets skewed or said to be lies.

“I think that with the fake news movement going around, it’s easy to forget the media is not the enemy,” Editor-in-Chief Ryann Heinlen said. “At the Dixie Sun News, we are continuously growing and striving to be as ethical and truthful as possible.” 

The Dixie Sun News staff takes pride in its work, and we are excited to report on future events at DSU.