Last Updated: October 23, 2018, 8:10 pm

Time is poor, life is rich according to speaker at WRC event


Photo by Emma Van Lent.

Stress can affect students’ happiness and health.

Relationship Specialist Deena Beth partnered with the Women’s Resource Center at DSU to educate students to enhance their life and happiness when they have little to no time.

An important aspect of the seminar was “Charging your batteries” by journaling, stretching or taking deep breaths in small increments throughout the day to “recharge.” This helps the person stay positive and productive.

“Taking the time, if it is one minute or twenty, to recharge before taking on the stressful reality of your life can positively impact your success,” Beth said.

Beth said positive affirmations bring about changes and improvement.

“Taking the time to communicate with yourself that you love and approve of the person you are today can make you a better person tomorrow,” Beth said.

Beth made time for those in the audience to share their personal experience on the subject.

“Negativity against yourself can destroy your progress,” DSU Administrative Assistant Leslie Twitchell said. “We have to stop letting social media skew our view of our self-worth.”

Beth agreed that it is important to be selective in the consumption of social media. “If you see something that makes you feel poorly about yourself, get rid of it. Unfollow the account and turn off the device,” Beth said.

Social media can be destructive to what Beth refers to as your “inner queen.” Facebook and Instagram can force inadequate feelings about yourself, on yourself.

“You are not defined by your mental health,” said Sheena Luy, WRC student liaison. “If you struggle for a moment mentally, you will not struggle forever.”

Beth’s presentation focused on the importance of confidence. “Queens never cower” is a phrase she favors to highlight how a woman should be viewing herself. Recognizing the worth of the inner queen before judging the outer physical appearance is another key to success.

Deena is a tenured educator, relationship counselor and mother. Beth cares about making life enjoyable and believing in yourself. To find out more about the services Deena Beth offers and events from the WRC, follow them on Facebook or Instagram @DSUWomensResourceCenter.