Last Updated: August 10, 2018, 12:33 pm

What’s in your backpack?


Because of preference, need and other considerations, the make-up of someone’s backpack is a pretty personal thing. I interviewed Leighton Ipson, a sophomore undeclared major from Washington, Sarah Eggett, a senior secondary education major from Bountiful, Jake Barrett, a sophomore music major from Logan, and Adam Garceau, a junior pre-nursing major from Sacramento to find out what makes their backpack habits unique.

Q: Do you keep your backpack pretty organized?

Leighton: “I keep my backpack pretty organized so I can know where all of my stuff for each class is.”

Sarah: “I keep my back pack very organized.  Each pocket has a specific purpose or certain thing that is put in it — of course, the bigger the pocket, the more things that I assign to put in it.”

Jake: “My backpack is anything but organized, but I can navigate [it] well, I guess.”

Adam: “Yes. I know where everything is at all times. It’s important to keep track of it all so I don’t forget something for class.”

Q: What’s the most important thing you bring with you to school each day?

Leighton: “My laptop — I use it for almost every class.”

Sarah: “For academics, pens/pencils and notebooks for each class. For health, my water bottle is a must.”

Jake: “My music.”

Adam: “My phone. It’s my best study resource and great for taking notes if I forget my notebook.”

Q: Is there anything you carry with you regularly that you think is unique?

Leighton: “I keep a first-aid kit with me and it’s come in handy.”

Sarah: “I always keep a game with me. For example, [I carry] a deck of cards or mini-farkle.”

Jake: “[I carry] a kitty folder.”

Adam: “I like to carry my grip exercising ring so I can stay strong and a pocket face mask for CPR.”

Q: Have you ever tried going without a backpack?

Leighton: “I really haven’t. I need everything in my backpack.”

Sarah: “I tried just going with a shoulder bag for a day, but there weren’t enough pockets, no pocket for my water bottle, and my shoulder started hurting.  So, needless to say, a backpack is normally my standard.”

Adam: “I’ve always used a backpack. I tried to replace it with just my iPad, but then I found I had to carry paper homework and a pencil. My backpack has gotten smaller. I’ve definitely become more minimalist over time.”