Last Updated: August 15, 2018, 1:35 pm

Dancing for lifetime not ultimate goal for Dixie Blaze Dance Team


 Although the Dixie State University Blaze Dance Team members have unique majors and career goals, they all have one thing in common: a passion for dance.

The Dixie Blaze Dance Team requires up to 13 hours of practice time a week and rigorous physical requirements. Members are required to stay fit and practice healthy habits outside of practice and to keep up on their flexibility and stamina abilities.

Despite any challenges, the dance team members’ interest in dance motivates them to commit.

Megan Bush, a sophomore biology major from Syracuse, said although she isn’t majoring in dance, her passion for dance motivates her to commit to the Dixie Blaze Dance Team.

“I’ve danced my whole life, and it’s always been a dream of mine to continue dancing,” Bush said.

Bush said although dance is a passion of hers and has been since the age of five, she realizes it isn’t going to be what her life revolves around. Bush decided to major in biology to explore a second interest of hers and have more flexibility in the workforce.

Likewise, Brook Marchetti, a junior dance and chemistry double major from Moreno Valley, California, wanted to study other fields of interest while pursuing her degree.

After landing the wrong way on her neck while doing a headspring in August of 2017, Marchetti still hasn’t fully recovered, but she continues as a committed, three-year dance team member. 

“[Dance] is something where doing something small can have a lasting effect,” Marchetti said.

Nevertheless, Marchetti said she has always loved medicine as well as dance and wanted to study more about the field, but didn’t want to sacrifice her love of dance.   

Marchetti’s decision was to double major and explore both of her passions at DSU.   

Marchetti said although the physical demand the dance team solicits has been growingly strenuous throughout the years, it is worth the risk because she gets to exercise her passion and learn more about herself.

“Dance has taught me patience…I’m not always going to do something on the first try,” Marchetti said. “It’s taught me the discipline to be humble.”

Aubree Esplin, a freshman exercise science major from St. George, keeps her passion for dance prevalent in her life although she isn’t a dance major. Because of the time commitment and unpredictability of the dance world, Esplin decided on a major that was related but not revolving around dance.

“I actually want to be a dancer, and I coach drill and teach dance at studios,” Esplin said. “But I feel like it’s kind of hard to find jobs sometimes in St. George and you don’t always need a major in dance, so sometimes it’s better to major in something else…like a backup plan.”

Like Bush and Marchetti, Esplin has been dancing for a large majority of her life: 17 years. Through the demands and commitment requirements, dance has always been a critical part of Esplin’s life and continues to be while helping her in other ways. Esplin said being on the Dixie Blaze Dance Team has broadened her horizons by shining light on other opportunities while teaching her timeless lessons.

“Dance has taught me how to work hard, harder than I ever have in my life,” Esplin said.

Bush said her participation in the dance team has helped her become more involved with school events and activities while helping her surpass her comfort zone with a group of lifelong friends.

“As the dance world becomes more advanced, we’re trying to become more advanced,” Marchetti said. “It’s harder on your body … but I still have a love for dance.”