Last Updated: August 10, 2018, 12:32 pm

Off-campus housing expands to offer more options to students


In downtown St. George, between Main Street and 100 West, a new hotel and apartment complex is being built to offer more housing and increase pedestrian traffic. 

These new buildings will be called City View Apartments and Hotel with the main building on St. George Boulevard functioning as the hotel and the two other buildings functioning as a mix of hotel rooms and apartments for rent. The entire project from start to finish is estimated to cost about $40 million. 

Matt Hansen, director of multifamily at Property Enhancement Group Development, said projected pricing for available rentals is between $900 and $1,400 per month, and the target demographic is young professionals or empty-nesters looking to downsize.

“We’re not opposed to students by any means, but we understand it may not be a good fit for everybody,” Hansen said. “Sometimes we’ll see students lease an apartment in a roommate situation and that might make it a little easier for them.”

The location of City View Apartments and hotel is placed where tenants will have more to do, and there is a charm to living downtown that living in the suburbs doesn’t have, Hansen said. 

Hansen also said there is a site called 605 Place currently under construction. This will be new student housing for Dixie State University. It will have studios and four-bedroom, four-bathroom apartments with 113 units and 416 beds in all, and will include “honors housing” — apartments specifically for honor students to reside. 

PEG Development is building 605 Place at Tabernacle and 600 East, behind the Taco Bell on St. George Boulevard. Pricing will depend on what floor each apartment is on and will be comparable to The Vintage apartments rental rates. Rates for Vintage at Canyonlands are available on

With new apartments being built so close to DSU’s campus, students are excited about the prospects.

“Students are often attracted to the new building, so I think there is some excitement there,” said Seth Gubler, director of housing and resident life. “With enrollment increasing, they’re going to need places to live and as on-campus fills up, they’re going to want places nearby.”

The addition of 605 Place and that of City View Apartments and Hotel means students will have more opportunities to rent apartments close to campus, appealing to students weary of on-campus living and those currently living off campus. 

Nicholas Klock, a junior sports management major from Las Vegas, said, “They’re going to be newer; they’re going to be better than what I’m already living in right now.”

PEG Development expects to begin leasing apartments to the public at City View as early as fall 2018 and fully completing all three buildings by Spring of 2019. The leasing office for 605 Place plans to be open as early as March 2018, which is early enough for students to apply prior to fall semester.