Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:59 pm

DSU volleyball looks for revenge against Cal Baptist


By Zachary Johnston

The Dixie State University women’s volleyball team looks for revenge against California Baptist University after an earlier defeat this season.

The Trailblazers are determined to get a win this time around and are ready for the challenge. Head coach Robyn Felder is well prepared for the matchup, Nov. 3. 

“We scout beforehand so that we know their tendencies, what they like to do…[we] know what their defense is doing so that we can gear our offense to ways that we will be able to score,” said Felder. 

There is a level of confidence conveyed throughout the team as coach Felder expressed that the offensive team is great when their passes run smoothly, and the defensive team has been their strongest suit thus far.

“[Cal Baptist] have bangers; they just have kids who can get the job done, some All-american beach kids playing indoors — they are really efficient and effective…and [they play] with confidence,” said Felder.

Outside hitter Sydney Johnson, a freshman general studies major from Spokane, Washington, learned a lot about herself and her team from the previous matchup with Cal Baptist.

“Grit, I think that’s the biggest thing…when we’re down five points,” said Johnson. “We have trust in each other. When we have trust, that’s when we win and when we play together, that’s when we are extremely confident in ourselves.”

After the Trailblazers first loss to Cal Baptist Sept. 16, they felt the need to improve on the defensive end to be victorious against Cal Baptist. 

“If we can just shut them down, they won’t be able to win against us,” said outside hitter Kaycee Adams, a freshman exercise sciences major from Syracuse.

Some athletes on the team feel that official statistics don’t represent the amount of effort they put out on the court.  

“I don’t think our record shows how good we are,” said Johnson. “We definitely work harder than our record shows. It’s been a rough start this year, but we’re going to try and finish strong. We want to go on a nine game win streak from here on out.”

The Trailblazers play University of Hawaii at Hilo Nov. 6 starting at 6 p.m. in the Student Activity Center.