Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:59 pm

DSU traditions through the decades


By Valerie De La O

From the moment students arrive at Dixie State University, they are exposed to historical traditions and truly start to feel the Dixie spirit.

While spirit may be found at every university, it looks different at DSU.

“Spirit here functions as a tradition,” said John Bowler, director of alumni relations. “A tradition meaning that as a community, as a school, and as a class we can persevere through anything.”

This mindset was especially prevalent when students at DSU expressed their need for a Human Performance Center. After setting up a budget for this project, they were able to develop a plan.

“That is part of what the Dixie Spirit is. Sacrificing for others and future generations that are coming,” Bowler said. “That is the tradition of perseverance, giving and vision of long term planning.”

While Dixie spirit has become a staple of the school that will never change, many of the traditional events will.

While there are many everlasting traditions at DSU, the tug-a-war event in the mud is no longer a celebrated tradition.

According to the Dixie College 1985 yearbook, “The annual tug-a-war was held between the north and south regions of southern Utah (with Washington County as the dividing line).” Similar to the mud crawl in the Great Race, the tug-a-war event brings students together and challenges them to compete in teams using their strengths.

Homecoming Week
Dixie State University’s Student Association hosts the activities for Homecoming Week, which is dedicated to the students and alumni of DSU.

Brooke Sullivan, alumni marketing and events coordinator, said, “Homecoming Week is my favorite tradition because it bridges the alumni with current students and allows them to relive their memories at DSU.”

The Alumni Association hosted their third annual classic car show this year during homecoming week.

Sullivan said, “It is a tradition to kick-off the week, and it is a great chance to bring in the community and friends of Dixie who may not be Dixie alumni.”

Since it is so close to Halloween this year, the Alumni Association will be also be added a special trunk-or-treat event that encouraged more families to attend and check out the cars.

True Trailblazer
With the rebranding of the university, many of our traditional terms and event names have also changed.

The name “Rebelettes” is no longer used to define our cheerleaders, and events like True Rebel have been changed to True Trailblazer to keep up with the growth of DSU. True Trailblazer is an event where students gather around the fountain for a midnight kiss. What originally started as a special moment college couples shared, kissing in the fountain later became a tradition at DSU; however, since the past True Trailblazers have taken place in dry fountains, Colton Campbell, DSUSA’s vice president of public relations said, it was important to DSUSA to get the fountain working again.

With the fountain fixed, True Trailblazer will continue as as a known celebration for generations to come.

“While traditions may not seem like something necessary for students, they are here to enhance their experiences,” Campbell said. “I can guarantee it will make their time here at DSU more positive and more worthwhile.”