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January 29th, 2018,

Two Trailblazers tackle marriage, competing in athletics

Marriage, on top of regular college challenges as well as competing at a collegiate level, can prove to be difficult. Blake and Brette Barney have tackled all three challenges for the past eight months of their life together. 

Blake Barney, a junior computer information technology major from St. George, and quarterback for the Dixie State University football team, met Brette Barney, a senior dental hygiene major from Prescott, Arizona, and right side hitter for DSU’s volleyball team, at a sand volleyball game with the help of a mutual friend. 

After attending a corn-maze last year, where the couple had their first date, Blake got down on one knee and proposed to Brette while surrounded by friends and family. 

Married life has become a blessing for the happy couple since January 14.

“We thought [marriage] would only make things easier,” Blake said. “We would be together more and be able to make bigger life decisions as a team.” 

Brette said, before marriage, they always had to make time to spend together. But now that they’re living together, time is not as big of an issue anymore.

Brette begins her day as early as 4:45 a.m. for volleyball practice before heading to school at 7:45 where she remains until 5 p.m.

Although a schedule like this is demanding, Brette said she’s loved every second of this past year with being married, attending classes, and doing her best out on the court. Blake has played a huge part in creating that environment for her.

“With my schedule, I feel bad for my poor husband. Brette said “He doesn’t get home-cooked dinners as often as I wish he did…[But] my husband makes my life not stressful; he’s the sweetest boy ever.”

Since their marriage, volleyball head coach Robyn Felder has also recognized Brette for the wonderful athlete she has become.

“I have two married players on the team right now, and they just bring so much maturity to the group,” Felder said. “Brette is so special because even though she is married, she can still connect with the girls in a fun and silly way, [yet] they respect her as a captain and leader.”

Because both Brette and Blake are athletes a competitive side can be exhibited between them.

“It depends on the subject, but probably Brette [is the most competitive],” Blake said.

Though each one plays at a college level, they both enjoy attending each other’s games.

“We always go to each other’s games, [but when football is away], I watch him online,” Brette said.         

Moving forward with their education at DSU, the couple shared some insight on what they think makes their marriage work amidst everything else in their life.

“I think it’s important to find time to spend with each other no matter how busy you are,” Brette said. 

She said selflessness is the key factor in which their relationship and life thrives on.

Blake and Barney have a mutual goal of completing their education, focusing on a career, and starting a family sometime in the future. 

You can catch Blake during the next football game Oct.7 against Chadron State College at 6 p.m. and Brette against Hawaii Pacific University in the Student Activities Center Oct. 6 at 6 p.m. 


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