Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:58 pm

Warm weather blues: Students find motivation to stay focused after spring break


As the weather begins to warm up, some Dixie State University students struggle to successfully finish the spring semester.

Jessica White, an academic adviser for the business department, said spring break contributes to this feeling.

“Students get so excited for spring break thinking they will come back refreshed,” White said. “In reality, it’s like they have gotten that taste of summer, and it makes them not want to do anything when they come back.”

Megan Huddleston, a senior psychology major from Provo, said when she realizes she starts to lose motivation, she tries to put the end goal into perspective.

“I don’t want to study or do the work, but I want to succeed so I just grind through it,” Huddleston said. “Also, when you realize how much you’ve paid for these classes, you really want to pass to not waste the money.”

To avoid having to retake classes, do not skip class on a routine basis because it can become a hard habit to break, Huddleston said.

“Being in class, even when it sucks, helps you stay dedicated, helps you learn the information better, and also shows your teacher you’re willing to be there and work for your grade,” Huddleston said. “So, if you need a favor or are having trouble on an assignment they’ll be much more willing to help you.”

Chelsea Ponce, a sophomore general studies major from Bedford, New York, said students should continue to put in the same effort as they did at the start of the semester, even if that means missing out on fun activities with friends.

“Friends are more fun than school yes, but they don’t get you a degree,” Ponce said.

Cate Siniscalchi, a freshman graphic design major from Stansbury Park, said it’s important to stay well rounded throughout the entire semester because the beginning of the semester and the end ultimately have the same impact on a student’s grade.

Huddleston said she recommends putting additional time and effort, especially during the end of the semester.

“It is one of those things where it’s not gonna be easy, but grinding through it and getting it done now will save you the stress and panic of when it’s finals and you’re trying to pass your class.”