Last Updated: January 2, 2018, 7:27 pm

Seniors cross off bucket list activities


    Fall graduation is right around the corner and senior semester is wrapping up for many. 

    For some students going to university is about the overall college experience. Dixie State University has a Dixie Traditions application available to students for download in order to help students accomplish their bucket list goals.

    The list has over 45 activities on it, and once the traditions are completed, a free medal is given. This gives seniors the opportunity to make the most out of the DSU experience. 

    Some of the seniors at DSU have different unique goals set for accomplishing their bucket list and some seniors are sticking closer to the DSU traditions list.

    “Going to the Wednes-D activities is one of the things everyone here at DSU should do,” said James Peterson, a senior communication major from St George. 

    Peterson said his favorite Wednes-D activity was attending the movie showing of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. DSU rented out one of the theaters in St George specifically for students. One of his other favorite Wednes-D activities was the Mr. Dixie pageant. 

    Peterson also wants to accomplish whitewashing the ‘D’ on Black Ridge and painting the ‘D’ on 700 E 400 S at DSU. He also said that attending sports events is a must.

    Chase Hermansen, a senior criminal justice major from St George, said, “My top three bucket list items are to stay on the dean’s list, graduate and buy a house before I graduate.”

    Hermansen said he is currently working on his top three bucket list goals. He also said hiking in the St George area and visiting national parks like Zion, Bryce, and the Grand Canyon was part of his bucket list and should be a part of all students who attend DSU before they graduate and leave the area.

    “My bucket list is to keep my GPA up, finish university, finish at least 10 hikes in the year, and see different plays and go to the film festival.” Teresa Willie, a senior integrated studies major from St George, said.

    Willie also said every student should attend sports events on campus. Her favorite is to go to football games. 

    Mark LaVoie, instructor of media studies said,”All students should visit the library and while your there, talk to the librarians. The librarian’s job is to help students learn how to use the library and incorporate the materials provided by the library into their research.”