Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:58 pm

Student peer mentors to guide students academically, socially


Dixie State University’s Student Success Center is looking to hire student peer mentors this semester. 

The SSC was specifically created to help educate students about the resources on campus and make sure they’re doing well academically and socially during each school year. The SSC is looking for students who can maintain a 2.8 GPA or higher.

“You’ll also want to be involved on campus and interpersonal skills are going to be significant,” said Jay Sorensen, the student success assistant director. “If you don’t know how to talk to people, it’s hard to help [students].”

Peer mentors are required to work at least 5 hours a week as a paid position. As of this year, peer mentors will initially reach out to all incoming freshman.

Leah Romney, a junior communication major from Duck Creek Village, said, “Our job is to connect with [freshmen] and get in contact by either email, [text message], or phone to ask ‘what do you need, what can we help you with’ or just say ‘hey, how’s the semester going?'”

Peer mentors can also help point students in the right direction to get connected with specific programs here at DSU. Aside from keeping updated on how students are doing, peer mentors are there to provide an ear to listen, Sorensen said. 

“When you come in and you’re meeting with a peer mentor, you are not looking to necessarily have them solve your problems,” Sorensen said. “You’re looking for someone to listen to you a lot of times.”

As a student confiding in another student, Romney said it can be easier to have conversations with those seeking guidance because she isn’t above them like a professor or adviser would be.

“I’ve had students come in over lots of different things, and I can look at them and say, ‘I did the same thing, it is a mistake and you will learn from it,'” Romney said.

Krissia Beatty, a senior communication major from St. George, said one of the most rewarding things about her job is being there for students and then see them succeed at the end of the semester.

“My job as a peer mentor is to shape other people, so I feel like I’m giving back to the university because I am helping students be as successful as they can,” Beatty said.

Although the SCC’s primary focus centers around freshmen, peer mentors are also willing to help current students who may be struggling. Students can reach peer mentors at 435-879-4691, online or just by walking into the SSC.

“[Students] should be able to say ‘I know where to go if I need to get help with math’ or ‘I know where to go if I want to get involved in a club,” Sorensen said. “They should leave us being able to stand on their own two feet academically and socially.”