Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:57 pm

Painted bison statues to appear throughout St. George


Dixie State University’s Trailblazer Art in the City Project will be bringing ten new bison statues to be placed around the community.

The ten bison statue are white and will be the future canvases for several artists. The bison will be placed all over St. George in front of various businesses and in high traffic areas, but only if purchased.

Jordon Sharp, chief of marketing and communications officer, said it is DSU’s goal to make St. George one of the nation’s strongest college towns and the Trailblazer Art in the City Project is one of the ways DSU is going to do that.

Sharp said the project came from the Town and Gown committee who was established to accomplish that goal.

Jyl Hall, director of public relations and publications, said they can feel the Trailblazer recognition spreading.

“There is a lot of enthusiasm in the air, and we are happy people are resonating and identifying as a Trailblazer,” Hall said.  

Businesses can either purchase the bison for keepsake at the price of $10,000 or have the option to rent one for a year for $5,000.

The bison will be available at a first come, first serve basis, and the first two bison will be auctioned off at the Athletic Excellence Dinner and Auction Wednesday. Tickets to the event are $125, the permanent bison will have a starting bid of $7,500, and the annual bison for rent will have a minimum bid of $3,500.

Sharp said the unique and beautiful bisons will help brand the university, local businesses, and will allow artists to promote their work.  

Artists will receive a $500 stipend, have a named plaque next their designed buffalo, and will have more information featured about them on a future app called “Trailblazer Art in the City.” The app will map out the location of the bison to promote scavenger hunts, annual events and social media campaigns.

Tiffany Dewitt, a senior art major from Gilbert, Arizona, said it is a unique opportunity to show individuality and bring community support to DSU. 

Dewitt said she hopes to be one of the artists picked, because it would be awesome to have something she created to be on display in town. 

“I would even do it for free because it is something I could put my own stamp on in town,” Dewitt said.

Artists can find out more about the project and how to apply by visiting the website.

Hall said they have had interest from businesses and artists, but aren’t releasing that information until the final word has been made. 

DSU will be paying about $2,500 for each bison, but after they are sold and rented will be making a profit in between $25,000 to a max of $75,000, if each bison was to be sold permanently for $10,000. 

Sharp said all earned funds from the bison will go to other Town and Gown initiatives. Other initiatives include Trailblazer banners throughout Washington County; providing Trailblazer flags and window clings for local businesses; working with a local trucking company to have its trucks wrapped with Trailblazer branding; and placing Trailblazer merchandise in local stores, he said. 

“We are aiming to build long lasting relationships between DSU and our community,” Sharp said.