Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:57 pm

Injured DSU rugby player recovering after 28 day coma


Jonah Tuttle’s miraculous recovery has impacted his loved ones.

Tuttle, a sophomore psychology major from St. George, and a player for Dixie State University’s men’s rugby club had a longboarding accident in April that led him to a devastating 28-day coma.

Tuttle’s teammates and family have been supporting him and not giving up on his recovering. 7,079 dollars were raised for Tuttle on his GoFundMe account for medical expenses. Four weeks ago, he had brain surgery where his skull was placed back onto his brain. Since then, he has been able to talk better, he can eat by himself and he is able to remember everything about his life before the accident. 

He is currently at a rehabilitation facility in St George, where he is being helped to make physical progress and achieve his goals of walking with out any problems, lead normal life and one day play rugby again.

He has been using a cane to walk, but it has been extremely difficult as the left side of his body is still weak. 

Jonah’s mother Heather Tuttle said that the improvement he has made in the last three weeks has been huge. “He is so close to being able to walk by himself, and we are so happy,” she said “I’m still scared for him, but I know he is strong and will get through it.”

Tuttle is participating in three therapies a day, and he gets to go home in the afternoons to spend time with his family. His family is also learning how to help him along the way so he can be ready to do things on his own when he gets back home. 

“I’m looking forward to being back at home with my family,” Jonah Tuttle said. 

Jonah Tuttle is slowly coming back to be the same person he was before and his family is grateful for all the help they have received. 

His family isn’t the only thing he is grateful for.

 “I also love my rugby brothers.” Jonah Tuttle said with a big smile on his face.