Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:56 pm

Guest Writer: Why America’s youth feel the Bern


As the presidential race surges on, we young adults are influencing the nation more than ever before. 

   So why does 74-year-old presidential candidate Bernie Sanders have more of our votes than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump combined?

   Sanders’ proposed policies on higher education could open the gate for many young adults to pursue an education that once seemed impossible because of its price. 

   Sanders told the Washington Post’s Harold Meyerson, “In 1978, it was possible to earn enough money to pay for a year of college tuition just by working a summer job that paid minimum wage.” 

   However, this is obviously not possible any more. 

   President Bernie Sanders would implement his “College for All” act. This policy would hopefully eliminate undergraduate tuition at public four-year institutions, cut student loan interest rates in half, and expand the number of students participating in the federal work-study program. 

   “We have to make sure that every qualified American in this country who has the ability and desire to go to college is able to go to college, regardless of the income of his or her family,” Sanders said. This would give aspiring students everywhere a fair chance at obtaining an education.

   Young adults in search of a presidential candidate willing to make education pathways more affordable as well as move our nation closer to gender and race equality should definitely favor Sanders. 

   His passionate beliefs toward the perpetuation and expansion of social justice throughout the United States by breaking down barriers that still present themselves will bolster American culture by improving our society. 

   As the longest serving Independent Party member in congressional history, Sanders possesses more than enough experience needed to lead this country. 

   Fellow millennials ‘Feel the Bern’ because of the many outstanding qualities Sanders offers the United States. Are you ‘Feeling the Bern?’

Hanna Pollock
Freshman communication major from Stansbury Park