Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:56 pm

Breakfast imperative to success


   Most people are told by parents and teachers that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and shouldn’t be skipped for any reason, but many college students don’t have time for that.

   It can be hard for me to grab a decent breakfast, or breakfast at all, before my classes. I’d often rather get that extra half-hour of sleep before my first class starts. 

   For example, I skipped breakfast one day this week because I just didn’t have time for it, and I figured it would be fine since I’d be home in a few hours. However, I had no energy that day and felt sluggish and unmotivated during my classes. This wasn’t the only time I felt tired after skipping breakfast or failing to eat a good enough morning meal.

   Students don’t often have time in the morning to either make breakfast, can’t afford it, or are unable to come up with good ideas.

   According to an article on Blogspot titled, “The Importance of Eating Breakfast,” written by Matt Ruben, studies have shown students do better on tests when they eat a decent breakfast. According to the study, this has to do with giving your body and brain the nutrients it needs to perform well.

   Ruben also said eating breakfast can contribute to weight loss. That sounded strange to me until I read further. The writer’s reasons for this is that if you eat a good breakfast, your appetite during the day is less intense, which means you snack less. Breakfast also gets your metabolism going and gives you more energy, which leads to more physical activity and contributes to weight loss. 

   Another consideration is if you eat a good breakfast at home, you get less hungry during the day. So when you’re filled with good food, you are less likely to eat out, which costs your wallet and waist less.

   So, while breakfast is important for the average college student, as I can confirm from experience, students don’t always have time to make a whole breakfast. There are many good ideas for breakfast that are quick and easy.

   Cereal and oatmeal are two good examples of a potentially fast breakfast but not entirely nutritional. Try adding apples, bananas and berries for some nutritional value and make it more interesting.

   Yogurt is another good breakfast food that can also be spiced up with some fruit. You can also at granola to this for a nice crunch, and the best thing about this one is it’s easily portable so you can put it in a container and take it with you. You could even make this breakfast the night before.

   A smoothie with fruit and some vegetables in it can also make a nutritional, fast breakfast. Adding a whole grain muffin or a bagel makes this meal a little more filling and can give you more long-term energy. This meal option also allows for an easy grab-and-go meal, good for busy mornings. 

   Tortillas open a lot of possibilities, and breakfast burritos are easily portable. You could make a breakfast burrito using eggs, cheese and a meat of your choice. This is an easy meal to make the night before and heat up or eat cold in the morning. 

   The benefits of breakfast are endless. There are always ways to make eating breakfast easier and the benefits are worth it. There are many websites were you can find good ideas for a fast, easy and nutritious breakfast, which is important to fit into everyone’s busy morning, all you have to do is look.