Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:56 pm

For Enjoyment’s Sake: ‘Ally McBeal,’ ‘Peaky Blinders’ must-see Netflix shows


One of the best ways to unwind from a stressful week is to curl up and watch some Netflix on the weekend.

With the variety of shows on Netflix, what do you pick? Here are some suggestions on what to binge watch this weekend (while you’re not doing the homework you were trying not to think about).

“Ally McBeal” 

If you’re in the mood for a laugh with a touch of drama, “Ally McBeal” is a good series to start with. Made in 1997-2002, the show follows Ally McBeal, a female lawyer who followed her high school boyfriend, Billy Thomas, to law school even though she didn’t share his interest. When Thomas chose to attend school away from McBeal, she became a lawyer despite the breakup. 

Now, years later, she is offered a job at a former classmate’s budding law firm. The new firm is a quirky place, which keeps it interesting, but the part that most surprises McBeal is that Thomas  is one of her new colleagues. As she struggles with her feelings for Thomas, who is now married, she vents to her outspoken roommate who is always butting in with advice.

I always watch this show when I need to unwind with a good laugh. McBeal, with her wild imagination, is funny to watch, but the underlying love story keeps a little mystery throughout the series. 

“Peaky Blinders”

“Peaky Blinders” is a Netflix original series that premiered in 2014. It is a period drama featuring a gangster family in 1919 Birmingham, England. The fierce Tommy Shelby, feared by members of the community, leads the peaky blinders, a group that includes his two brothers and other ex-military men who sew razor blades into their hats. Shelby means to move up in the world and won’t allow anyone, not even the law, to stand in his way.

This is a good show to keep you on your toes. Just sit back and watch while Shelby’s many devious plans unfurl. Should you need additional convincing, there are a couple characters, including Tommy Shelby, who are easy on the eyes. 

The acting is well done and the music creates a definitive mood when depicting the solemn, dingy streets of the town. 


After a long wait, the new Marvel movie “Deadpool” hit theaters Friday.  

Ryan Reynolds plays Wade Wilson, a former special forces operative turned mercenary. After undergoing a non-FDA approved medical experiment, he is left deformed but with accelerated healing abilities. To fix the problem of his deformity, he dons red spandex and the name Deadpool. Armed with various weapons including swords, guns, and his dark sense of humor, Deadpool sets out to find the men who have wronged him.

This unusual superhero movie is quirky by constantly breaking the fourth wall by having Deadpool frequently address the audience. Deadpool’s dark sense of humor will keep you laughing and cringing throughout.