Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:55 pm

DSU women’s rugby club loses 30-7 to the Las Vegas Slots


The Dixie State University women’s rugby club lost to the Slots, a Las Vegas club team, Saturday.

DSU women’s rugby has a record of 1:2 after this match, losing 30-7. 

DSU started the half a foot behind with the Slots scoring its first try with only a few minutes into the game. DSU wasn’t challenging the rucks after its tackles, allowing the Slots to easily control the ball. The Slots dominated the first half scoring five times, unanswered by DSU.

“There were a lot of butterflies the first half,” head coach Michael Matalolo said.

DSU came out defending the rucks in the second half and held the Slots to just one try. DSU also scored a try of its own, followed by a field goal.