Last Updated: December 21, 2017, 3:55 pm

DSU intramurals top 50 in country


Dixie State University is gaining national recognition as its intramural program jumps into the top 50 in the country. 

Universities throughout the country offer intramural programs in an effort to encourage teamwork and collaboration among students. hand-picked 50 universities that value efficient team activity organization, appropriate sports facilities, and frequency of programs offered. 

According to the study, DSU has made an effort to extend the invitation to participate to not only students, faculty and staff, but also their spouses. 

“By offering a variety of IM sports, Dixie State is committed to getting students involved and social on campus, while staying active and having fun,” according to 

Dave Howell, assistant director of intramural and club sports, said the purpose of this program is to be within the walls of the university.

“Intramural literally translates into within the walls,” Howell said. “We want to establish events and leagues within DSU that will bring everyone involved closer together.” 

DSU intramural program was established in 2007 and has been growing each year with more student involvement. Howell said he puts in an effort to advertise the program throughout campus but recognizes its continual popularity through word of mouth between students. 

“If we are able to maintain a quality program, it will continue to grow because of the fun students are able to have,” Howell said. 

According to The National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association, leadership, teamwork, dedication, and respect are among the many skills exercised by inclusive competition, fitness and recreation. The NIRSA believes that collegiate recreation is a significant and powerful key to inspiring wellness in local, regional and global communities.

Nate Stevenson, a junior exercise science major from St. George, said it’s unusual to find a place where the level of competitiveness is equally matched to the level of good sportsmanship and friendship. “I have made friendships that will last a lifetime and the program at DSU really helps students feel the Dixie spirit,” Stevenson said. 

The attention to small details and student involvement is what distinguishes DSU from other universities, Howell said. 

“We are not throwing in just general sports but sports that will fill the needs of the students,” Howell said. 

From racquetball, flag-football and volleyball to video games, Howell said he will try almost anything. 

Overall, Howell said he gives credit of their success to the entire staff.

“We have an amazing staff on the grounds that make everything happen, Howell said. “They care about the students and they want to make sure that it is successful.” 

“This program is extremely organized,” said Jessica Russell, a sophomore criminal justice major from Oak Hills, California. “Having multiple refs on time to each game and allowing us to have complete control of who is on our teams makes it a much more enjoyable experience.” 

The intramural program limitation at the moment stands within the facilities that it has at its disposal. As DSU constructs more physical exercise facilities, it will allow for more games and activities within the already thriving program.      

   The intramural program looks forward to maintaining the success it has had and expanding with the university, Howell said.